Integrated vacuum unit for hydrocarbon industry

The pumping speed of integrated vacuum units in the hydrocarbon industry increased by 20% “Hydrocarbons” are usually called hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbon products are widely used in daily production and life. It is also very important to choose a professional vacuum unit for the hydrocarbon industry. EVP focuses on the vacuum field. Providing professional vacuum solutions according to the needs of customers’ factories, which can be applied to industries such as chemical industry, rubber and plastics, electronics, hardware, clay, ceramics and so on.

Integrated vacuum unit for hydrocarbon industry

Integrated vacuum unit in the hydrocarbon industry of features:

1. Combined with the unified professional layout of the factory site, centralized optimization of the vacuum system is carried out, which saves the processing and assembly work of the factory and avoids the use problems caused by improper installation;

2. Each unit of the integrated vacuum unit can be easily disassembled and maintained;

3. Multiple protection monitoring points can find and feedback problems in real time, easy to find fault points, convenient for maintenance personnel to deal with in time, integrated vacuum system to simplify operation and easy maintenance;

4. This system has multiple functions such as air intake cooling, impurity removal and filtration, vapor-liquid separation, noise reduction, and improvement of system pumping speed (10-20% faster than usual);

5. Comprehensive recovery processor, with efficient hydrocarbon recovery capacity, and its emission content is less than 5ppm

6. The integrated vacuum unit brings more convenience and energy-saving effects to the hydrocarbon industry

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