Laboratory small oil-free vacuum pump

Oil free vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical vacuum pump which can operate without any oil. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and no environmental pollution. The two series of oil-free vacuum pumps have good durability. They are vacuum pump, compression pump and dual-purpose vacuum pump. They are a basic equipment with a wide range of applications to obtain vacuum.

Laboratory small oil-free vacuum pump working principle :

The working principle of oil-free vacuum pump is the same as that of general positive displacement pump, which is composed of main parts such as stator, rotor, vane, cylinder block, motor, etc. The rotor with rotor blades is installed in the fixed cylinder eccentrically. When the rotor rotates at a high speed, four radial sliding rotors in the rotor slot divide the pump cavity into four working rooms. Due to the centrifugal force, the rotor blades cling to the cylinder wall, separate the inlet and outlet of the stator, and start the operation again and again, change the volume, exhaust the gas from the exhaust port, so as to achieve the purpose of air extraction, instead of Rotary vane vacuum pump needs vacuum oil to use.

Principle of oil – free vacuum pump: Oil – free design, reciprocating operation of piston, no need to maintain completely, save trouble and worry

Oil free vacuum pump technology: advanced technology, precision construction, very low noise (less than 50 dB), avoid noise interference

Oil free vacuum pump quality: through 3000 hours of continuous load test, reliable quality, two-year warranty, no worries

Oil free vacuum pump configuration: there is a vacuum degree regulating valve, which is convenient for the operator to manually adjust to the required vacuum pressure; there is a simple installation package available for purchase, and the user can easily and quickly convert the vacuum pump into a positive pressure pump

Laboratory small oil-free vacuum pump

Application of oil-free vacuum pump: fast filtration and degassing of solvent with solvent filter bottle; suitable for filtration and degassing of mobile phase in liquid chromatography; widely used in weight analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation and sterility experiment

Note: the vacuum degree and flow rate can be adjusted by regulating valve (including vacuum gauge, filter and regulating valve)

Laboratory small oil-free vacuum pump scope of use:

1. The vacuum suction line of the automatic packaging line opens the bag and loads the material.

2. Paper vacuum heating on printing machines.

3. High efficiency vacuum filling of various liquid injection bottles.

4. Vacuum molding of various plastic products.

5. Air tightness test of object surface under vacuum.

6. Label vacuum heating of cartons and bottles.

7. Plate making under vacuum suction.

8. The gas analysis under vacuum is guided by the pressure difference.

9. All kinds of medical machinery automatic line matching use.

10. A vacuum suction cup for machining non-magnetic parts.

11. EAC leakage test of various kilns in bin empty state.

12. Application in machining machinery.

13. Vacuum Yanzhai drying in Chinese and Western pharmaceutical plants.

14. Vacuum suction in hospital operating room.

15. Gas analysis, physical and chemical experiments in universities, research institutes, factories and mines.

16. Supporting use of various medical instruments, etc.

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