Iran liquid ring vacuum pump

Iran liquid ring vacuum pump overview

Liquid ring vacuum pump has single – stage, double – stage, and single – role and double – role difference. Single-stage and double-stage vacuum pumps refer to the series of their impeller; Single/double action refers to the form of impeller/shell. The single-action impeller of vacuum pump rotates once and the gas is inhaled/discharged. Double – acting vacuum pump impeller rotation twice through the inhalation and discharge of gas.

Iran liquid ring vacuum pump of main features

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that realizes air extraction by periodically changing the volume of the working room due to the rotary motion of the offset impeller in the pump chamber. Its working room is composed of rotating liquid ring and impeller, and its structure and working principle are similar to liquid ring compressor. The suction port is connected to the vacuum container when working.

If the pump cavity is filled with water, it is called water ring vacuum pump. The extracted gas temperature should be 0~40℃. Circulating water should not contain impurities. The pumping rate range of water ring vacuum pump is 0.25 ~ 500 m (/ hour; Ultimate pressure: single-pole pump is 8×10(~ 2×10(pa), two-stage pump is 2×10(~ 1×10(pa). Water ring vacuum pump is mainly used in vacuum distillation, vacuum drying and water pump diversion.

Iran liquid ring vacuum pump of main advantages

● direct motor design, space saving, simple structure, convenient maintenance

● all with cavitation protection pipe interface

● liquid ring vacuum pump is equipped with stainless steel impeller, and all liquid ring vacuum pumps are equipped with stainless steel disc/impeller

● high strength, durability, and improved corrosion resistance of the pump

● unique flexible exhaust port design, no over compression, ensure the KLRPV series in its performance range of efficiency *

Iran liquid ring vacuum pump of main applications

● spatial simulation

● vacuum drying

● vacuum dehydration

● vacuum degassing

● vacuum packaging

● vacuum melting

● vacuum adding system

● vacuum surface treatment

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Here is a new Iranian vacuum pump.

Iran liquid ring vacuum pump

Newly designed 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor

The excellent performance and reliability of liquid ring vacuum pump have been verified for more than 100 years. It plays an indispensable role in various industrial application fields and can meet the application requirements of more demanding conditions. EVP vacuum pumps are known to be more reliable than standard industrial designs.

For the vacuum pump in wet or mainly wet operating conditions easy to produce scale or wear, and therefore lead to the performance of the pump. Our new 2BV liquid ring pump is specially designed for these demanding conditions. The use of high quality materials such as stainless steel and ceramics ensures higher reliability and continuous operation.

Safe and corrosion resistant

The new 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor has a longer service life and USES a stainless steel shaft to improve corrosion resistance. It can work safely and reliably even under extreme conditions, such as in wet process. The pump body can be made of all stainless steel, or can be made of different materials, such as stainless steel, bronze, ceramic and cast iron with ceramic coating. This allows them to be tailored to the appropriate process requirements for long-term resistance to erosion and corrosion.

2BV vacuum pump no scaling

The unique ceramic inner coating of the new 2BV pump shell means that the pump does not calcify due to fluid deposition, providing the benefits of better performance and lower maintenance costs.

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