Iran vacuum pump price

Iranian vacuum pump prices

EVP vacuum equipment co., LTD. Is a vacuum pump research, development, production and engineering installation in a body comprehensive enterprise, engaged in the vacuum application technology research, development, at the same time provide vacuum system design, vacuum pumps, vacuum equipment selection, solve the vacuum equipment in the production of the problems in the using process and vacuum technology consulting services. Our company in Iran vacuum pump price is very preferential, among which screw vacuum pump is the best seller. Please see the following introduction:

Iran vacuum pump price

Screw vacuum pump in sewage treatment of selection and application

Screw vacuum pump is widely used in the sewage treatment plant to transport water, wet sludge and flocculant liquid due to its variable transport, strong self-priming ability, reversibility and the ability to transport liquid containing solid particles. If the design and selection are not considered properly, it will bring trouble to the future use, management and maintenance. Therefore, choosing a reasonable and reliable screw vacuum pump according to the actual production needs can not only ensure the smooth production, but also reduce the repair cost.

This involves the life of the device. Inline knows, screw vacuum pump flow is and a linear relationship with rotational speed, high speed with the increase of the flow and head, power are increased, it will accelerate the abrasion between the rotor and stator, must make the premature failure of screw pumps and high speed of the screw pump stator length is short, easy to wear and tear, thus shortening the service life of the screw pump. Through speed reduction mechanism or stepless speed regulation mechanism to reduce the speed, hucen’s technical experts believe that 300 RPM or less is a more reasonable range of speed, and high-speed operation of the screw pump compared to the service life can be extended several times. This is especially true in sewage treatment applications.

Iran vacuum pump price, we adhere to the “eternal quality, worthy of choice” business purpose, the constant pursuit of reliable product quality, superior performance, in providing quality products, after-sales service or technical support and other aspects to meet the needs of customers.

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