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The Iran vacuum pump is EVP vacuum equipment co. LTD. Is a vacuum pump and vacuum equipment research and development, design, sales and service of liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer, liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers, the main vacuum suction station, corrosion resistant, corrosion resistant screw vacuum pump vacuum pump, vacuum central system, vacuum system, the central vacuum pump system, oil-free vacuum pump, vacuum pump, etc., the company in line with high quality, high service, high efficiency business philosophy, strict adherence to product quality as the cornerstone of enterprise development, to ensure that each products are through strict test before sales, with stable product performance, quality reliable, timely delivery, good service after the priority of best-selling throughout the country. And successfully launched the “EVP” brand vacuum pump into the world, selling to Uganda, Ukraine, South Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Finland, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Tunisia, Nigeria and dozens of countries. The development and expansion of EVP company is the crystallization of customers and friends at home and abroad. On the occasion, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have given us great support for a long time. We sincerely hope to cooperate with old and new customers to create a better future and build a bridge of friendship with EVP vacuum.

Over the years, the wisdom, hardworking, responsible EVP person with: “vacuum required to provide system solutions for users, the user’s problem is that our work theme” for the mission, after passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and strive to rushed to the development of a kind of liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum pump, screw vacuum pumps and air cooled from the circulation liquid ring vacuum pump unit and so on eight independent intellectual property rights of patented products, solve the user in a and a difficult problem in use process.

Below for you to introduce our company’s hot-selling products liquid ring vacuum pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pump performance characteristics

2BE1 series vacuum pumps are high efficiency and energy saving products developed by our company with advanced technology of imported products. This series of pump is single stage and single action structure, which has obvious advantages such as simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. And can adapt to large displacement, load impact fluctuation and other harsh conditions. Compared with the widely used SK, 2SK and SZ series in China, they have significant advantages such as high vacuum degree, low power consumption and reliable operation, and are ideal substitutes for SK, 2SK and SZ series liquid ring vacuum pumps.

2BE1 series vacuum pumps

2BE series vacuum pump is a new type of pump, because of its good performance, has a very good application in many aspects of the nuclear field, the following article for you to explain the air cooling device of this equipment in detail, let’s have a look at it, it will be helpful for your own use. 2BE liquid ring vacuum pump produces heat due to the transportation and compression of gas, which must be transmitted from the rotor to the shell and emitted. However, at low pressure, the gas conduction and convection performance of heat is very poor, so the heat absorbed by the rotor is not easy to disperse, resulting in the temperature of the rotor is always higher than the temperature of the shell. Due to the thermal expansion of the rotor, the rotor and rotor, the gap between the rotor and the pump shell to reduce, especially in the case of high pressure difference, especially serious, even cause the rotor jammed, so that the pump damage. In order to make the pump work at a higher pressure difference, to expand the range of use, increase the reliability of the pump, it is necessary to try to release the heat generated by the rotor, that is to say, to cool the rotor.

2BE series vacuum pump

The 2BE series vacuum pumps need to be cleaned after they have been used for a period of time. If we want to clean them thoroughly, then we have to disassemble them. This process, we can call them disassembling and washing. So how to ensure the safety and quality of this cleaning work? Next, we will explain to you what are the cleaning procedures? Disassemble and clean 2BE liquid ring vacuum pump in clean room. When disassembling and washing, attention should be paid to the tightness of the original assembly position, square and combination of each part, and records should be made at the same time to avoid wrong installation. When taking out the rotary vane and the rotor, we must pay attention to using the hand to closely the rotary vane, the reason is that the rotary vane by the spring force is large, carelessly easy to fly out of the hand, the impact of the rotary vane edges and corners or surface and can not continue to use. Parts removed should be separated and properly handled so as to avoid injury or loss to each other. When assembling, a small amount of oil shall be applied on the surface of the rotating part for lubrication.

There are many kinds of vacuum pump, such as 2BE, 2BV, SK, 2SK, SZ, SZB, etc., each has its own advantages and characteristics, many users in the purchase will often be in confusion, do not know what this on earth stands for, below we take 2BE vacuum pump as an example to simply introduce its meaning for you. Simply put, 2BE vacuum pump in 2BE is a model of vacuum pump expression, used to distinguish other products. 2BE vacuum pump adopts the structure form of single stage and single action, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and can adapt to the bad working conditions such as large displacement and load fluctuation. Impeller and pump shaft adopt thermal installation interference fit, reliable performance, smooth operation. After the impeller is welded, the heat treatment of the overall operation is good, and the blade has good toughness, so that the impact resistance and bending resistance of the blade can be fundamentally guaranteed. 2BE vacuum pump with air – water separator, multi – position no vent.

Iran vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps to Iran

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The new regulation reminds: the importer of Iran (the information of the import company shown on the import license) needs to pay the payment to the supplier through the bank in its name, and provide the proof of payment to the Iranian customs before completing the import clearance procedures in the name of the importer. If you use a trade agent to import goods in Iran, you also need to make payment through the trading company’s account and provide proof to the customs.

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