oil free vacuum pump

What is an oil-free vacuum pump:

The oil free vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump which can run without any oil lubrication.

Oil-free vacuum pumps of advantages and disadvantages :

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and no pollution to the environment. Oil-free vacuum pump has good durability, is a vacuum pumping, compression, dual-purpose vacuum pump, is a very wide range of applications to obtain vacuum basic equipment.

Compared with the oil pump, the oil-free vacuum pump has low vacuum degree and small air extraction capacity, but it is compact, easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to move, no fumes, no pollution to the environment, especially in the laboratory with higher requirements. It is also one of the most permanent equipment in the laboratory.

Therefore, in the purchase of oil-free vacuum pump to determine the requirements of the vacuum, if the demand is high, and the choice of vacuum pump will be higher than the demand of the vacuum, otherwise can not meet the requirements of vacuum, will not meet the work requirements. Secondly, the pumping rate of oil-free vacuum pump is slightly higher than the required pumping rate, so that it can better meet the needs. Finally, see whether the extracted gas is corrosive, corrosive gas will corrode the pump, must use special materials to meet the needs.

EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump
EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

Oil-free vacuum pump working principle:

Its working principle is the same as the general volume pump, by the stator, rotor, rotary blade, cylinder block, motor and other major parts. When the rotor rotates at a high speed, the four radial sliding vanes in the rotor groove divide the pump chamber into four chambers. Due to centrifugal force, the vane clings to the cylinder wall, separating the stator inlet and outlet, and starting to run again and again, changing the volume, sucking in the gas from the exhaust. The gas outlet is discharged to achieve the purpose of pumping.

Oil-free vacuum pump technical parameters:

Model EVP1000 EVP600 EVP300 EVP150 EVP75
Displacement 50Hz l/s 16.6 8.7 4.3 2.0 1.0
l/min 996 522 258 120 60
m3/h 59.8 31.3 15.5 7.2 3.6
cfm 35.8 18.7 9.3 4.3 2.2
60Hz l/s 19.9 10.4 5.1 2.4 1.2
l/min 1194 624 306 144 72
m3/h 71.6 37.4 18.3 8.6 4.32
cfm 42.8 22.3 10.9 5.1 2.5
Ultimate pressure Pa ≦1.0 ≦1.0 ≦2.6 ≦8.0 ≦8.0
torr ≦7.5×10-3 ≦7.5×10-3 ≦1.9×10-2 ≦6.0×10-2 ≦6.0×10-2
mbar ≦1.0×10-2 ≦1.0×10-2 ≦2.6×10-2 ≦8.0×10-2 ≦8.0×10-2
psi ≦1.4×10-4 ≦1.4×10-4 ≦3.8×10-4 ≦1.2×10-3 ≦1.2×10-3
with outlet & air flush port off
1×10-2Pa·l/s(1×10-4mbar· l/s)
Max. inlet /outlet pressure mpa 0.1 /0.13
Ambient Temperature ℃/℉ 5~40 / 41~104
Max. moisture disposal capacity G/h 60 60 60 50 50
Motor Power kw/hp 1.50/2.00 0.75/1.00 0.55/0.74 0.25/0.30 0.25/0.3
Voltage VAC 380/220 380/220 220 380/220 220 380/220 220 380/220 220
Speed rpm 1410 1425
Noise level dB(A) ≦63 ≦63 ≦63 ≦57 ≦54
Inlet/outlet diameter mm KF40/16×2 KF40/16 KF25/16 KF25/16 KF25/16
External dimension mm 548×359×397 487×316×360 457×290×336 416×245×277 405×225×260
Weight kg 52 36 32 18 15
Cooling type / Air cooled
Others / With timer & air ballast


Oil-free vacuum pump application range:

The pump can be used for air conditioning, refrigeration equipment repair, medical equipment suction device, printing machinery, vacuum packaging, vacuum plastic suction, physical and chemical experiments and small devices requiring vacuum environment and other vacuum operations. It can also be used as a pre pump for small oil booster pumps, oil diffusion pumps, molecular pumps, etc.

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