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Introduce SK series liquid ring pump and 2SK series liquid ring pump.

SK liquid ring vacuum pump

SK series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are series of vacuum pumps developed in China in 1980s.

SK series can be completely replaced by 2BV and 2BE1 Series in technology.

SK series products are not recommended by our company.

2SK liquid ring vacuum pump

Iran liquid ring vacuum pump supplier

2SK liquid ring vacuum pump description:

when the 2SK series two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump model pumping volume (m3/min) limit pressure power (kw) speed (r.p.m) water supply (L/min) suction and exhaust caliber maximum suction pressure is-0.093MPa, Not less than mmHg MPa 2SK-1.5 1.5 0.9-730-0.097 4 1440 10 ≤ 15 φ 40 2SK-3 32-735-0.098 7.5 1440 15 φ 40 2SK-6 6 4-0.098 15 1460 25 ≤ 35 φ 70 2SK-12 12 8-37 35-0.098 22 90 40 40 ≤ 50 φ 100 2SK-30 20 14-735-0.098 45 740 60 ≤ 80 φ 125 2SK-30 30 20-0.098 55 740 70 φ 90 φ 125 1, The values in the table are obtained under the following conditions: (1) atmospheric pressure 0.1013MPa (760mmHg); (2) the influent temperature is 15 ℃, the suction air temperature is 20 ℃, and the relative air temperature is 70%. 2, the water supply is the value of suction pressure-0.05MPa (- 400mmHg), which can be greater than this value in extreme vacuum, and the performance tolerance is ±10%.

To view more 2SK series parameters, Click to see more.

With the use of liquid ring vacuum pump, how to effectively prevent the scaling of liquid ring vacuum pump?

The contents of the liquid ring pump are easy to form scaling, and its main four original points are as follows:

1. Evaporation and concentration:

because the circulating water of the liquid ring pump is continuously working and heating, the evaporation and the concentration are inevitably generated, and the concentration of the dissolved salt in the water is continuously increased,

When saturation is reached, sedimentation forms scale.

Second, thermal decomposition:

After the circulating water containing hardness component enters the vacuum pump, with the rotation of the liquid ring pump, a liquid ring is formed in the pump body to do the work and heat up.

The bicarbonate dissolved in water is gradually decomposed, and the precipitation is insoluble in the precipitation of water to form scale.

III. Mutual reaction:

The original soluble salt in the circulating water of the liquid ring pump is physicalized with other salts during the operation of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

Form insoluble substances and form scale.

IV. Reduction of solubility:

Because CA-SO4 CASIO3,CACO3 and other salts with negative solubility temperature coefficient, the solubility decreases with the increase of circulating water temperature of liquid ring vacuum pump.

As a result, precipitation forms scale.

How to prevent that scale of the liquid ring vacuum pump?

The causes of scaling of liquid ring vacuum pump are analyzed, and the corresponding preventive and solving measures can be taken.

First, reduce the hardness of circulating water in the liquid ring pump as much as possible.

Second, reduce the temperature of circulating water in the liquid ring pump as much as possible.

3. Use the water pressure of the liquid ring pump body as much as possible to periodically flush the dirt in the liquid ring vacuum pump pump

Iran liquid ring vacuum pump,Our company supplies SK series and 2SK series, through the introduction, we also have some understanding. To choose, a new DLV series of liquid ring pumps is more appropriate. To learn more about DLV vacuum pumps, click on the picture below, or send an email to

DLV series of liquid ring pumps

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