Iran vacuum pump supplier

The factory specializes in producing “EVP” brand vacuum pumps and vacuum sets. The main products are: DLV, SK, 2SK water ring vacuum pump series; Roots – water – ring vacuum unit, complete vacuum equipment and related chemical equipment. Products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, aviation, food, metallurgy, electronics, power, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research and other industries.

My factory has the good production equipment and the consummates enterprise management system, the strict execution vacuum unit profession standard, enables the product quality to have the stronger reliability and the stability, simultaneously through the prompt, the effective, the specialized service, deeply obtains the general customers the high praise and the trust.

The following describes the vacuum pump units sold in Iran.

Iran vacuum pump supplier

Roots water ring vacuum unit of main features

Roots water ring vacuum unit is the roots pump as the main pump, water ring vacuum pump as the front stage of the pump pump pumping group

In addition to pumping out ordinary gases, it can also pump out gases containing water, organic solvents or small amounts of dust

It has the characteristics of high vacuum speed

The working liquid of the former pump of roots water ring vacuum unit is mostly water, and organic solvent (such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, etc.) or other liquid can also be used

The use of the front-stage pump as a closed circulation system can reduce the pollution to the environment and greatly improve the recovery of organic solvents

The ultimate vacuum is determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.

The advantages and disadvantages of water ring vacuum pump set coexist

First of all, we will first introduce the advantages of launching ring vacuum pump set, in terms of its structure is relatively simple, moreover, we also need to pay attention to its requirements for manufacturing accuracy is not high, more convenient for us to process. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the water ring vacuum pump unit in the structure is actually more compact, pump revolution is high.

Generally speaking, the water ring vacuum pump unit in a large extent is actually will be directly connected with the motor, there is no need to have any deceleration device. Therefore, if it is to use a smaller structure size, to a large extent, it will get a larger exhaust capacity, and the floor area will be smaller. And in the case of a compressed gas, it’s basically isothermal, and at this point, what we’re really trying to do is notice that the temperature change in the compressed gas process is smaller.

Because there is no metal friction surface in the pump chamber of the water ring vacuum pump unit, there is no need to lubricate the pump, and the wear will be relatively small. The sealing between rotating parts and fixed parts can be completed directly by water seal. Next, for the vacuum pump, we should pay attention to the fact that it will be more uniform in the suction, it will be more stable and reliable in the work, it will be easier to operate, and it will be convenient to maintain.

Then, when it comes to the shortcomings of water ring vacuum pump unit, its performance in efficiency is relatively low, generally speaking, it will be around 30%, and the relatively good is able to track up to 50%.

Water ring vacuum pump unit will show the vacuum degree is also relatively low, for this point, not only because it is directly limited by the structure, more importantly, in fact, it is because it is limited by the working fluid saturation and vapor pressure. In this way, even without the exhaust valve and its friction surface, it can remove dusty gas or condensable gas and gas-water mixture.

EVP vacuum equipment co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vacuum equipment, it has been the Chinese vacuum industry experts and friends to support and help. The enterprise is committed to providing you with reliable vacuum equipment quality and excellent after-sales service.The following vacuum pumps are supplied in Iran.

Enterprise products are: vane vacuum pump, water ring pump vacuum pump, roots water ring pump vacuum unit. Products are widely used in aviation, electronics, smelting, chemical, medicine, food, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating, vacuum transportation, vacuum drying and other departments.
The enterprise takes the good faith as this, the person is the first, strives for perfection, unceasingly innovates, originally cooperates with each brothers unit mutually, develops the vacuum technology together. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and inquire.

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