Libya liquid ring vacuum pump

Libyan liquid ring vacuum pump of installation of various parts

Device how some people said that if liquid ring vacuum pump is correct, and manual, online teaching is not careful, a lot of detail parts are not understand exactly how the device, so small make up to each part of the vacuum pump parts of device to detailed explain to everybody, would better assist device.

Libya liquid ring vacuum pump

I. pump shaft and bearing parts of the device:

1. Load the pump shaft and bearing of the liquid ring vacuum pump from the non-driving end of the bracket to the bracket as a whole, and tap the outer ring of the bearing to make the pump shaft device into the bracket. Note: when striking a bearing, place a pad or sleeve tool on its end face to avoid damaging the bearing.
2. The bearing cover and locking bolt at the non-driving end of the device.
3. Install washer, drive end bearing cover and lock bolt. Turn the pump shaft by hand, the rotation of the pump shaft should be smooth, if the pump shaft rotation teaching tight should loosen the bolt slightly, conditioning the pump shaft to a more smooth rotation.
4, device flat key, coupling pump shaft parts, coupling platen, lock bolts.

Ii. Pump body and mechanical seal parts of the device:

1. When the mechanical seal static ring is partially installed on the liquid ring vacuum pump, it can be evenly pressed into the pump body with water after it is wet. Be careful not to push too hard! After assembly, check the mechanical seal static ring part and pump body can be assembled tightly.
2. Press the pump body tightly on the motor and tighten the bolts. Be careful not to damage the mechanical seal static ring part.
3. Install the washer into the back cover of the motor, and then install the pump body, the front cover of the motor, the bearing, the motor rotor and the inner bearing cover into the motor shell, and lock the bolts.
4. Set the motor fan, retainer ring, motor shield and screw successively. After the completion of the device, put the motor fan shield end of the pump vertically down to the ground to prepare other parts of the device.

3. Impeller device:

1. Press the impeller on the bearing, and save a gap of 0.05~0.15mm between the impeller and the front end of the pump body. Place the liquid ring vacuum pump level and check the clearance. If the gap is too small, the vacuum pump may form mechanical problems; If the clearance is too large, it will form a vacuum pump pumping rate drop.
2. After the clearance between the impeller and the front end of the pump body is adjusted, measure the depth difference between the outer edge of the pump and the impeller plane with a depth percentage feet and ensure the clearance is maintained by adjusting.

Iv. Installation of pump cover and disc:

1. Place the motor shield vertically down on the ground.
2. Put the prepared disk into the pump body. Ensure that the hole with diameter of 4.2mm on the pump body near the disc is combined with the positioning pin.
3, the disk facing the pump cover side of the sealing surface evenly and continuously coated with sealant. After coating, the pump cover device to the pump body and disk, tighten the bolts. When installing pump cover, it should be noted that both ends of cavitation maintenance pipe should be installed in the corresponding hole of disc and pump cover respectively.

5. Pump cover and disc:

1. Put the motor feet up and the axis on the ground in the direction of degree.
2. Pump cover and disc form a whole. Push the pump cover onto the pump body. Note that the locating pin should be aligned with the locating pin hole of the pump body and disc. Fasten the pump cover on the pump body with bolts.
3. After the pump is installed, turn the motor fan by hand. The pump must rotate smoothly. If the pump rotation is not smooth or friction sound appears in the process of pump rotation, should disassemble the pump cover to check the clearance of the impeller, and re-adjust.

So we can follow the small series taught step by step device, if still can not be liquid ring vacuum pump device, small series initiative to seek people’s assistance, and I study in the side, don’t I keep immersed in research.

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