Liquid Ring Air Compressor

We can help you simplify the process of selecting vacuum system. All liquid ring air compressors are provided with pre designed plug and play modules, which are suitable for operation in open, semi closed cycle or fully closed recovery mode. With the advantages of liquid ring technology, combined with water-saving and energy-saving measures, we can provide you with the most suitable liquid ring air compressor.

liquid ring air compressor material

Stainless steel is used as the standard material for the parts contacting the liquid, no matter what kind of structural material is used for the pump.

The new liquid ring air compressor is very suitable for use in the wet, dusty and dirty environment which is common in the industrial production process. The simple and robust design of the pump can reliably provide vacuum for a series of industries including food and beverage, dairy products, mining, chemical industry, petroleum, steel, cement, plastics, textiles and food processing.

The liquid ring air compressor is equipped with a fixed vane wheel, which is located in an eccentric position in a cylindrical shell. When the impeller rotates, the liquid (usually water) is discharged by centrifugal force, thus forming a liquid ring around the shell, sealing the tip of the impeller and forming a separate closed air chamber between each blade. Because the impeller is in an eccentric position, the volume of these chambers will change with the rotation of the shaft, which plays the role of suction and compression of process gas.

The liquid ring air compressor includes single-stage and two-stage pumps. The single-stage liquid pump is specially optimized for operation above 200 mbar (a), which is very suitable for filtering or wet conveying applications, with a limit pressure of up to 30 mbar (a).

Our liquid ring vacuum pumps provide plug and play modules or customized systems, which are suitable for complex applications with multiple configurations, and are suitable for operation in open, semi closed cycle or fully closed recovery mode.

For semi closed or fully closed recovery systems, the pump kit components are made of stainless steel as the standard material, regardless of the pump structure.

These pumps are ideal solutions for air extraction, impregnation or sterilization applications. The two-stage pump is a precision tuned machine focused on delivering consistently high performance at operating pressures below 200 mbar (a). Two synchronous pump chambers work in series, which can provide the best performance for continuous key process applications such as bottling, degassing and solvent recovery.


Liquid ring air compressors provide sustainable productivity in the most demanding of the following environments:

Mining industry

Brick extrusion

Automobile industry

Cement and related products

Chemical industry

food processing

General manufacturing

Metal products industry

Paper making and related products

petroleum industry

Oil and gas


textile industry

Electricity and utilities


Food and beverage industry

Chemical processing

Oil and gas


Electricity and utilities

Mining and cement


manufacturing industry

Engineering system to meet your needs

For more complex requirements, our project team can develop unique engineering systems according to your requirements at any time. Our liquid ring air compressor uses the special materials you choose according to the required specifications to build your multi-stage system. With the help of our vacuum equipment engineers, infinite possibilities can be realized.

Customized solutions

For more complex projects, systems can be developed based on the unique needs of all customers. Experts can provide liquid ring kits suitable for most process operating conditions, including special materials and multi-stage system design.

Our extensive compressor product range covers the better performance range of all liquid ring compressors in the world, and provides single-stage or two-stage compressors. By handling higher volumes with lower energy, our compressors reduce energy and operating costs.

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