Pump for egg tray production

Egg tray production equipment

Egg supporting mechanism for the pulp materials to shake the old paper, waste cartons, waste printed materials, and various kinds of paper products factory scrap as raw material, such as the hydraulic pulp, filter, water injection and other technological allocate a certain concentration of slurry, then on the special metal mold after vacuum adsorption into wet billet products forming good wet and dry media, pressure plastic fist.

With the hydraulic pulp machine to waste newspaper, corrugated packaging of the corner of the waste materials, such as broken, materials such as the banding strip with the shape of impurities winding in the trampling machine to remove, remove. The heavy weight trap at the bottom of the hydraulic pulp machine is regularly discharged to remove heavy dirt. The coarse pulp after crushing is stored in the slurry pool, and sent to gaoning slag remover by slurry pump, and the fine pulp is sent to reciprocating fiber separator for further screening, separation and dredging.

Product introduction

Egg tray production equipment drum pulp molding machine introduced advanced technology development. Because of its excellent performance characteristics, the customer’s praise and social recognition. The main body of the equipment is made of stainless steel, while the other parts are made of high quality accessories. We have developed automatic counting, automatic stacking and automatic packing systems. This pulp molding machine has the characteristics of high productivity, low failure rate and low energy consumption. The pulp molding system USES various kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fiber products. Changing different molds can produce egg, vegetable, fruit, tin, seed and so on.

Characteristics of the equipment

The egg tray machine’s large octahedral rotary molding machine has eight suction surfaces, forming an octahedron. The octahedron rotates intermittently over the slurry pool. Four pairs of molds are installed on each suction surface, and four egg receptacles can be produced after each rotation. The suction mould is adsorbed and formed by means of suction, and the egg shell is of uniform thickness, high density and good strength. Wet billet transfer is completed by manipulator. Rotary shaper is usually matched with crawler transmission automatic drying system, the output can reach more than 4000 pieces per hour.

The drying system adopts 6 layers of metal drying line, which is characterized by saving 30% energy and reducing floor area. Fuel can be natural gas, diesel, coal.

Part of the
1- pulping system: hydraulic pulper, pulper pump, vibrating screen, pulper grinder, mixer, etc.
2- forming system: rotary drum molding machine, mold, air compressor, air compressor can, vacuum pump, vacuum tank, high pressure water pump, soda water separation pump, etc.
3- drying system: hot air blower, dehumidifier, dehumidifier, burner, combustion chamber, conveyor belt, chain, etc.
4- packaging system: stacker, compactor, baler, etc.

The following introduction, for the production of egg tray pump.

Pump for egg tray production

With the development of egg tray production pump for many years, the market coverage of our products has been expanding year by year. The company is committed to providing users with the most convenient and efficient service, for the normal production escort.

Egg tray production pump adhere to the needs of users as their own responsibility, continue to carry out product technology research and development and innovation, in the plastic packaging machinery industry to actively forge ahead, continue to improve, to ensure that the products in the leading position in the industry.

The company will be professional, pragmatic, efficient as the concept, wholeheartedly and users at home and abroad to win together, welcome friends at home and abroad to visit the company, investigation!

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