dry screw vacuum pump in gasoline vapor recovery in petrochemical industry

The dry screw vacuum pump is a key equipment in the gasoline steam recovery equipment. The extracted gas is simple steam, and the main components are C4, C5, C6 gasoline vapor.

Generally, the operating temperature of the pump should be controlled below 80 ℃. However, only relying on the pump body jacket cooling can not make the pump run to such a low temperature. Other cooling water can not be supplied in most sites, and the coolant that can be supplied is gasoline; In order to reduce the operating temperature of the pump, in addition to injecting gasoline into the pump body jacket, the most useful method is to inject proper amount of gasoline into the pump cavity (at the highest temperature point) to reduce the temperature in the pump cavity by transpiration and heat absorption.

Screw vacuum pump

In the process of oil vapor recovery of dry screw vacuum pump, the condensed gasoline will accumulate at the exhaust port of the pump, which will cause abnormal vibration and noise of the pump, so it must be discharged in time. Therefore, the following three improvement methods can be adopted.

1. The exhaust pipe of the pump inclines downward, and the direction of the exhaust pipe is lower than that of the pump.

2. A circulating pump is installed at the lowest position of the exhaust port or muffler of the pump to eliminate the phenomenon of liquid accumulation.

3. A one-way valve should be installed at the exhaust port of the pump to avoid condensate flowing into the pump cavity due to siphon phenomenon when the pump is stopped.

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