liquid ring compressor in Oil Transportation

Oil storage and transportation in oil storage and other places have a large amount of volatilization, resulting in waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, in these cases, liquid-ring compressors for oil and gas recovery operations are usually provided. At present, oil and gas recovery process mainly includes adsorption, adsorption, condensation and membrane separation. Adsorption is the most commonly used economic and reasonable recovery method.

How can oil and gas recovery vacuum pumps play a role in the process of oil and gas recovery?

The adsorption methods for oil and gas recovery mainly undergo the general process of “adsorption-vacuum desorption-gasoline recovery”. The main function of liquid ring compressor in oil and gas recovery is desorption. Early oil and gas recovery vacuum pumps generally used rotary vane vacuum pumps, which had the characteristics of compact structure, isothermal compression and simple operation. After various vacuum pumps continue to appear, the shortcomings of rotary vane vacuum pump are obvious: low efficiency, generally about 30%, good to reach 50%; unstable vacuum performance, vulnerable to working fluid temperature; oil and gas recovery may be mixed with working fluid, separation is difficult, sewage can not be directly discharged. Especially in the summer high temperature season, on the one hand, the suction capacity of rotary vane vacuum pump is greatly affected by the increase of working fluid temperature, on the other hand, the volatilization of oil and gas is more serious, and increases the burden of vacuum pump. The overlap of these two factors leads to the failure of the rotary vane vacuum pump to achieve effective desorption in oil and gas recovery.


Liquid Ring Compressor Optional Components:

(1) Determining the Limit Vacuum

Generally speaking, the limit vacuum of the system is 20% lower than the working vacuum of the system and 50% lower than the limit vacuum of the preceding stage.

(2) Gas types and pumping volumes pumped

Check the type of pump and determine the amount of pump needed in the process. Because if the type of gas pumped reacts with the liquid in the pump, the pump system will be contaminated. At the same time, it must be considered to determine the appropriate exhaust time and the amount of gas produced during the pumping process.

(3) Vacuum Volume

Check the time required to achieve the required vacuum, flow resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipeline. Consider the pumping rate required to maintain the vacuum under certain technological requirements after the required vacuum has been achieved. Vacuum pumps with large pumping rates, such as liquid ring compressors, can meet the requirements.

4) Noise and vibration should also be considered, which is very important for practical work.

After the appearance of liquid ring compressor, the defect of rotary vane vacuum pump as oil and gas recovery vacuum pump has been effectively improved. The advantages are obvious: high vacuum, stable vacuum performance, not easily affected by external temperature. For example, the liquid ring compressor can reach the limit vacuum of about 1 Pa. Pumping speed range is stable, can achieve better oil and gas desorption effect; it is environmentally friendly, no oil, water and other media to participate in the operation, will not directly pollute the environment; energy-saving, the same scale of oil and gas recovery device, liquid ring compressor than rotary vane vacuum pump efficiency is higher, even power is only about half of the rotary vane vacuum pump.

In addition, it has the advantages of simple support and low maintenance. The application of liquid ring compressor in oil depot also proves its rationality and ease of use in selecting vacuum pump for oil and gas recovery.

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