Liquid ring vacuum pump for steel degassing process

The vacuum degassing of molten steel is a key operation in secondary steel-making, which can quickly and effectively remove the dissolved impurity gases (mainly hydrogen and carbon monoxide) in the molten steel and reduce the dissolved carbon content in the molten steel, thereby improving the quality of the steel, increasing its value and expanding its use. adaptability. Vacuum degassing (VD) and vacuum oxygen decarburization (VOD) are two basic degassing processes.

Pre-pumping with a large liquid ring vacuum pump is a method that can create a great initial vacuum for the high-vacuum pumping system, and it is extremely economical and reliable. For fast-moving, high-pressure processing operations such as VOD, the pump’s simplicity and reliability has made it widely adopted in the steel-making industry and has been a common replacement for steam ejectors for many years. This pump has considerable resistance to dust and other impurities that occur in the process, because most of the dust and impurities can be absorbed and completely removed by the sealing water.

The 2BE1 series liquid ring pumps we produce can be well applied to this steel degassing process, and we also have many successful cases, such as the world’s top 500 steel plant “POSCO” in Korea.

In this application, we generally recommend the use of wet part SS 304 rest are cast iron material version, and the mechanical seal as the standard material of the pump. But it can also be customized according to the specific industrial and mining requirements of customers.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for steel degassing process

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