Liquid ring vacuum pump in waste oil treatment system

The special equipment of waste oil treatment system is to use liquid ring vacuum pump to separate waste oil from air, so as to avoid oxidation of waste oil and reduce lost waste oil, so as to improve the recovery rate of waste oil. Vacuum pumps are used in many industries. There are many types of vacuum pumps, which can be used in many environments, occasions and industries. The device itself has many advantages, many people do not understand its specific characteristics. Because the application of liquid ring vacuum pump in waste oil treatment system plays an important role, through the introduction of the specific characteristics of vacuum pump, let everyone have a deeper understanding of vacuum pump.

Waste oil refers to the oil purified or synthesized from crude oil and polluted by physical or chemical impurities after use. In short, waste oil, as its name implies, is the oil that has been used from oil or synthetic oil.

Impurities such as dust, metal chips, water or chemicals may mix with oil during normal use. It has been used as lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, heat transfer fluid, buoyancy fluid and other similar purposes of oil can be considered as waste oil.

At present, the main treatment methods of waste oil in China are discarding and landfill, incineration and regeneration, discarding and landfill, which are the simplest methods for waste oil treatment. However, because there are a large number of harmful substances such as carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in waste oil, if discharged directly, it will cause plant death and soil microbial extinction. Incineration method is to burn waste oil directly, on the surface, waste with high calorific value Oil is an ideal fuel, but direct combustion will produce a lot of harmful gases. The regeneration method is to remove the bad components in the waste oil by refining. If the appropriate regeneration method is adopted, the recovery rate of the waste oil can reach more than 70%, and the energy consumption rate is only 15% of the lubricating oil extracted from the crude oil. Therefore, it is the most appropriate way to treat the waste oil. Regeneration method is operated by liquid ring vacuum pump.


Vacuum pump is a fluid machinery which uses external energy to transport fluid. The specific characteristics of vacuum pump are generally summarized as follows:

1. Larger pumping speed in a wider pressure range;

2. The rotor has good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is stable. There is clearance between rotors and between rotors and shells, no lubrication, small friction loss, which can greatly reduce the driving power, so as to achieve higher speed;

3. The pump cavity does not need to be sealed and lubricated with oil, which can reduce the pollution of oil vapor to the vacuum system;

4. There is no compression and exhaust valve in the pump cavity. The structure is simple and compact.

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, waste oil has been recycled. Waste oil contains a lot of dregs, which are filtered by natural sedimentation and centrifugation to obtain high purity waste oil, which is then treated by other processes and transformed into usable oil in life. Waste oil filtration plays an important role in the recovery and reuse of waste oil. Therefore, the application of  liquid ring vacuum pump in waste oil treatment system will also increase. With the continuous promotion of waste oil recycling, waste oil filter equipment is also emerging in an endless stream. There are many kinds of waste oil filters, and the filtering effect is ideal.

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