Magnetic levitation molecular pump for semiconductor industry

Magnetic levitation molecular pump products are the key core components of integrated circuit manufacturing equipment, providing the required high cleanliness and ultra-high vacuum environment for key semiconductor manufacturing processes such as process etching, ion implantation, and thin film deposition. Due to the high value of the semiconductor industry chain, the reliability requirements of various equipment in its production process are extremely strict. As a key core component, the magnetic levitation molecular pump not only needs to meet various process technical indicators of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, but also needs to meet its strict safety and reliability requirements.

CV type magnetic levitation molecular pump is mainly used in semiconductor etching equipment, where C stands for corrosion resistance, V stands for anti-deposition performance; CS type magnetic levitation molecular pump is mainly used in semiconductor ion implantation equipment, and is also suitable for industrial process fields such as cyclotrons. Among them, S stands for split type, which is suitable for application scenarios of high voltage and high electromagnetic radiation. CV/CS type magnetic levitation molecular pump focuses on the higher requirements of the semiconductor industry, has higher performance and better experience, and the key core technologies are completely independent and controllable, which can meet the customized needs of customers.

Magnetic levitation molecular pump for semiconductor industry

01Excellent and reliable corrosion resistance

Strong corrosive process gases are used in semiconductor etching, deposition and other processes, so the core components of the molecular pump are required to have corrosion resistance for specific process gases.

CV/CS type magnetic levitation molecular pump turbine and static plate surface are coated with composite anti-corrosion coating to protect turbine and static plate substrate from corrosion by corrosive gas.

02 Safe and stable anti-deposition ability

Some process gases in the semiconductor manufacturing process are prone to condensation and deposition. In order to prevent their deposition into the pumping channels and accessory pipes of the molecular pump and cause blockage, the molecular pump needs to be heated as a whole to have a higher temperature to prevent condensation and deposition of the process gas.

The CV/CS type magnetic levitation molecular pump adopts aviation-grade high-strength aluminum alloy, combined with the optimally designed heat dissipation channel, to realize the safe and stable operation of the molecular pump during heating and large-flow air-carrying.

03 Flexible split design

Most fields such as semiconductor ion implantation and particle accelerators have strong electric fields and strong magnetic fields, and some harsh working conditions have strong ionizing radiation. Such an environment may affect the normal operation of the molecular pump controller, shorten the service life of the molecular pump and even cause damage.

The CS type magnetic levitation molecular pump separates the molecular pump body from the controller, and is connected by a long cable, which can keep the controller away from the strong electromagnetic environment. The molecular pump body is equipped with an electromagnetic shield, which can further improve the anti-electromagnetic interference ability of the molecular pump.

04 Compact and convenient highly integrated design

In the field of semiconductor manufacturing, the integration of machine equipment is relatively high, the structure of equipment and accessories is relatively compact, and the installation space is relatively limited.

CV/CS type magnetic levitation molecular pump has compact structure, small volume, convenient installation, and is easy to be arranged in the machine.

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