Instructions of using cooling tower and ling condenser of water ring vacuum pump

As it known to all, water ring vacuum pump in the general case use water as working fluid, in the process of water into the discharge to achieve the purpose of pumping air into vacuum state, and in the process of water absorption into sent by the pumping action of the water hitting the wall, impeller, disc so as to generate heat, doing work if we sucked through a steady stream of water drain off water such does not produce water ring pump due to the temperature increase of working liquid vacuum degree is reduced, but in many cases is needed to water or other liquid recycle, then need to configure the cooling tower or condenser, so that it can make the water ring pump can work normally.

Cooling tower is a cooling device, it is a kind of water evaporation heat absorption principle is used to disperse in industry or waste heat generated in refrigeration and air conditioning system in order to assure the operation of the unit, he can bring down the temperature of the cooling water. Using this principle we can solve the water ring vacuum pump circulation fluid temperature rising lower vacuum. In water ring pump drain we connect a line and then connected to the cooling tower, cooling effect and reduces the temperature of the water through the cooling tower, and then let the water into the water storage tank or reservoir in the working process of the water ring pump can control the temperature of the circulating fluid, so as to solve water ring pump for circulating fluid temperature vacuum to reduce the problem.

In vacuum distillation or vacuum cooling process, because of the smoke gas can also lead to higher temperature of water ring pump temperature rise of reducing water ring vacuum pump, so we’re going to the water ring pump inlet port connected to a condenser. After the condenser cooling gas temperature will reduce, and then is pumped into the water ring pump, then will solve the problem of vacuum decline due to temperature is too high.


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