EVP Liquid Ring-Roots Vacuum Pump Unit in Titanium Catalyst Unit of DPC PC Factory of Application

Polycarbonate (PC) is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive properties. It has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, high heat resistance, light weight, good optical properties, excellent processing performance and color stability. , Widely used in automobiles, electronic appliances, construction, office equipment, packaging, sports equipment, health care equipment, household goods and other fields. At present, PC is rapidly expanding into high-tech fields such as aerospace, electronic computer, optical disc and so on. PC is the only transparent product among the five major engineering plastics, and the global market demand has been relatively strong in recent years

Titanium Catalyst Unit of DPC PC Factory

At present, scholars from all over the world are working on the research on the environmentally friendly non-phosgene synthesis of PC. One of the more feasible methods is to use bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate (DPC) in the molten state. A transesterification reaction occurs to synthesize polycarbonate. For the reaction formula:

This process eliminates the highly toxic phosgene as the reaction raw material, and at the same time avoids the application of the suspected carcinogen dichloromethane, which is in line with the development trend of green chemical industry, so it has attracted much attention. At the same time, the quality of PC produced by this method is high. It is excellent and has a wide range of uses. It can be used to produce high-tech optoelectronic materials such as optical discs, as well as some important precision mechanical parts and daily necessities. But the key to the synthesis of PC in this process lies in the synthesis of the intermediate DPC, so the green synthesis of DPC is also very important;

With the increasing worldwide demand for PC, DPC, as an important raw material for the production of PC, is also growing rapidly in the market.

DPC is an important chemical raw material, which is mainly used for the clean production of polycarbonate (PC) by non-phosgene method. Transesterification of phenol and dimethyl carbonate (DMC) to synthesize DPC is one of the most promising clean production processes. Catalytic performance of titanocene compounds for the synthesis of DPC by transesterification of DMC and phenol; in this type of catalyst, the conversion rate of DMC or phenol is greatly improved, and basically no by-products are generated; and during the synthesis of PC from DPC, the reaction temperature and its chemical Stable temperature, maintaining the vacuum degree in the reactor, Shanghai Canter vacuum pump unit plays a more important part.

EVP recently met a customer in the Middle East, and his new PC plant is exactly the same: a new type of Ti catalyst is used to replace the Pb catalyst in DPC Unit, which greatly improves the output rate of DPC; the small experimental simulation data is as follows

The first stage

Air: 0.060 kg/hr

Nitrogen: 1.250 kg/hr

BuOH 1.004 kg/hr

Suction vacuum: 150torr

The second stage

Air: 0.060 kg/hr

Nitrogen: 1.250 kg/hr

DPC: 0.101 kg/hr

Suction vacuum: 6.4torr



EVP Liquid Ring-Roots Vacuum Pump Unit in Titanium Catalyst Unit of DPC PC Factory of Application

The Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Group gave a selection plan based on the experimental simulation data: a water ring-Roots vacuum pump closed-loop unit, equipped with PLC automatic control, and carried out a 1:1 selection for the expansion of the new plant requirements. In the chemical industry, The EVP professional vacuum team has been committed to providing customers with more convenient operation, more energy-saving, high-quality vacuum pump system solutions, please feel free to contact the EVP VACUUM TEAM.

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