Methods of checking vacuum degree

When the vacuum degree of vacuum pump can not reach the requested degree, we usually use a vacuum gauge for testing. In fact, there are many reasons for the vacuum failure, but because of our single detection method, the vacuum gauge can only reflect the final pumping result of the system, but it cannot reflect the process quantity of each unit at a certain time, thus making troubleshooting is also inconvenient and the troubleshooting time is also increased.


Currently, EVP company use the method of eliminating the trouble to detect, the steps are as follows:


1.Determine the accuracy of the vacuum measurement instrumentation;

2.Ensure that the valve of the system is leak free;

3.If the fault is the manifestation of phenomenon one, it is necessary to check the leakage of the entire system;

4.If the fault is the manifestation of the phenomenon 2, first check whether the parameters of the energy medium such as steam and water are abnormal. If there is no abnormality, check each check valve. If there is no abnormality, perform system performance test to determine which one. There is a problem with the performance of the stage pump, check the nozzle and steam valve of the pump.


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