Vacuum pump is widely used in the coating industry and coating equipment

Vacuum coating technology is an important branch of vacuum application technology, it has been widely used in optics, electronics, energy development, physical and chemical equipment, construction machinery, packaging, civilian products, in the field of surface science and scientific research etc.The method adopted by the vacuum coating evaporation plating, sputtering, ion plating, beam deposition coating as well as molecular beam epitaxy and so on.In addition to chemical vapor deposition method.If from vacuum coating in order to change the physical and chemical properties on the surface of the material, the technology is an important part of vacuum surface treatment technology.

Vacuum coating machine is mainly used for the roots vacuum pump, vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump oil diffusion pump, etc

Now, we give a simple introduction of the major applications.First in optics, a piece of optical glass or quartz surface coated with a layer or layers of different materials on the membrane, can be high reflection or no reflection (coating) or make any expected proportion of reflection or transmission material, can also be made to absorb certain wavelengths, and for another wavelength of transmission of color filter.

High reflective film since large diameter telescope and all kinds of laser, all the way to the new building of large window coated glass, are needed.

Coating is used for photographic and various kinds of laser began, all the way to the new building large window of coated glass, are needed.Coating is used for camera and television camera lens.In electronics, vacuum coating occupies very important position.All sizes of circuit.Including storage, arithmetic unit, told the logic element to use conductive film, insulating film and protective film.As the preparation of the mask of the circuit is used chrome film.Magnetic tape, disk, semiconductor laser, Josephson devices, charge-coupled device (CCD) stack all kinds of thin film.

In terms of display device, a video head, high density tapes and plane display device of a transparent conductive film, tube optical film, tube screen aluminum foils, etc are also using vacuum coating was prepared.

In terms of components, in a vacuum evaporation nickel chromium, chromium, or metal ceramic produce resistance, on the plastic aluminum evaporator, a silicon oxide, titanium dioxide, such as capacitor can be created, selenium evaporation can get the electrostatic copier drum, evaporation barium titanate can make up the sound of magnetostrictive devices, and so on.Vacuum evaporation can also be used in the manufacture of superconducting film and inertial confinement beads coated reaction with the great change.

In addition can also for jewelry, watches and clocks, textiles, metal shell surface decorative pattern, such as gold silver wire deposition decorative film, and the sputtering or ion plating of cutting tool, mould manufacturing superhard membrane.In two years by the rise of tial preparation of titanium products, such as stainless steel sheet, mirror plate, present bracket, stair railing, handrail, high-grade bed etc are currently in vogue.

Due to the rapid development of the vacuum coating industry, vacuum pump production development also obtained fast development, such as the rotary vane vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pump ,oil diffusion vacuum pump demand is very extensive.

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