Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump

The development of Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump has been greatly improved, but the quality still needs to be improved continuously in order to occupy a place in the world vacuum pump market. With the increasing competition in the market and the requirement of high efficiency and high precision, the production and testing of Mexico liquid ring vacuum pumps are moving towards numerical control, which has become an inevitable market orientation and trend.

What are the differences between Mexico liquid ring vacuum pumps and ordinary pumps?

What are the differences between Mexico liquid ring vacuum pumps and ordinary pumps? Some people don’t know much about it. Here’s a detailed introduction for you.

1. Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump is based on a rotating wheel. The wheel rotates in a chamber. The chamber is filled with fluid. The volume of the fluid changes periodically in a week, which results in the periodic change of the volume of the rest of the cavity. The main characteristic of Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump is to discharge and inhale the gas in the inhalation pipeline.

2. The basic situation of ordinary water pumps, in which centrifugal pumps rely on centrifugal force to throw the fluid out, while forming negative pressure to attract other fluids into the pump body, so as to continue, by consuming electrical energy to drive the pump wheel to convert into the kinetic energy and potential energy of the fluid.

3. We can also see screw pumps, piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, plunger pumps and so on in peacetime. They can not form a vacuum state, but they also have their unique operation mode, so the place where Mexican liquid ring vacuum pumps are used is not replaced by other ones.


Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump Equipment Installation :

Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump is one of the most important equipments for the whole industry. Relatively speaking, it has a wide range of applications. But what are its equipments installed?

1. Installation of liquid ring vacuum:

When installing, the installation surface must be horizontal and bolted firmly through the hole at the bottom corner. In order to prevent the welding slag from entering the vacuum pump during installation, the filter screen should be installed on the suction pipe during installation.

2. Installation of liquid ring vacuum gas-water separator

The air-water separator can be directly installed on the exhaust port of the water ring vacuum pump and fixed firmly with bolts. The gas-water separator has a pipeline connected with the pump to supply its working water demand. The rest of the working water is supplied by the water supply pipe, and the size of the water supply is regulated by the valve in the pipeline.

A check valve shall be installed on the intake pipe of the liquid ring vacuum or compressor to prevent water in the vacuum pump or compressor from returning to the system under the pressure of the exhaust pipe when stopping.

Knowing the equipment installation knowledge of liquid ring vacuum will reduce unnecessary errors and improve efficiency in equipment installation.

Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump has introduced the highest level of pump performance testing center. The products are all made by using advanced design methods such as CAD design software and CFD computational fluid dynamics software, through more than ten processes such as precision casting, hot forging, welding, heat treatment, finishing and assembly. And use advanced CNC machining center, plasma welding machine, automatic gas protection, semi-automatic vacuum welding machine, ultra-frequency vacuum heat treatment equipment, high-efficiency processing machine, physical and chemical testing equipment and other high-precision processing and testing equipment.

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