New Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

As we know, CL cone type liquid ring vacuum pump is use widely in paper&pulp mills, recently we have customer who use CL pump as compressor in Chemical plant. Pls check the pictures and video in our customer workshop.

New Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

As leading manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pump&compressor, EVP can produce identical replacement model of Nash CL pump. ( Not only bare pump, but also spare parts)

With customer different, we also produce complete vacuum package include the motor (WEG, ABB, SIEMENS), separator, heat exchanger, base frame etc.

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If possible, kindly suggest please your working industry/process, working pressure, working medium, etc. Given detailed request helps to gain better-matched customized solution. Thanks for your patience.

your request will be responsed within 3 hours, kindly pay attention to your email please.


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