New screw vacuum pump

Release of new screw vacuum pump

Launched the first new screw vacuum pump. Due to its latest patented screw design, it is more economical and energy efficient than similar vacuum pumps. The screw design is self-cleaning and highly resistant to particles and steam. Vacuum pumps are suitable for many industrial applications. Such as: heat treatment furnace, coating process, vacuum drying and parts cleaning. The extremely compact size and low noise level allow the new screw vacuum pump to be installed anywhere, including the workstation area.

New screw vacuum pump

Developed by EVP, the new screw vacuum pump is especially suitable for applications with high pumping demand in the working range of 1000 to 0.1mbar. Proven dry operation screw technology, no operating fluid in the compression chamber, to ensure that no pumping gas pollution phenomenon. Therefore, there is no need to change oil or filter, and routine maintenance is limited to changing gear box lubricating oil at long intervals. The new screw vacuum pump is equipped with IEC high efficiency standard motor, and variable frequency operation is also optional.

The new screw vacuum pump is easy to combine with roots pump. With a simple flange connection, the Panda or Puma roots pump is equipped as the booster pump to form a compact vacuum unit with better performance parameters.

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