Global Industry Analysis and Forecast for Vacuum pumps Market the year 2014 to 2020

Vacuum pumps are mechanical units which are used to create vacuum by removing gas molecules from a sealed volume. Growing use of vacuum pumps in coal , drying ,power, oil & gas, chemical processing,electric and semiconductor industries is promote the demand of vacuum pumps. at the same time , increasing investment in these industries is also supposed to benefit the market of vacuum pumps globally.

The general type of vacuum pumps , vacuum pumps market is divide into these categories: liquid ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pumps , turbo molecular vacuum pumps, oil diffusion vacuum pumps and so on . Out of all these segments, liquid ring vacuum pumps and dry vacuum pumps are currently dominating the global market by capturing over 60% share of the market. fast growth in semiconductor industry is leading to a surge in the potential of dry vacuum pumps, whereas liquid ring vacuum pumps have wide application in pulp and paper, and oil and gas industries. In order to reduce the overall operation cost, the demand for high vacuum  (clean and dry vacuum) and energy efficient pumps is increasing which is also supporting the growth of dry vacuum pumps.

North America and Asia Pacific are the main key contributors to the growth of the global vacuum pump market ,  where China and the U.S. are account for a large market share . the two countries demand for vacuum pumps ,liquid ring pump is driven by a strong domestic production base of chemical, oil and gas, semiconductors, and pulp and paper industry. The global pulp and paper production in China stood at 86.3 million metric tons in 2009 and increased to 102.5 million metric tons in 2012, whereas production in the U.S. increased from 71.7 million metric tons to 74.3 million metric tons for the same year. China and the U.S. are also the most promising markets for the semiconductor industry. Vacuum pump market in Europe is growing at a moderate rate. Growth in the semiconductor industry is the key driver behind the growth; however, some end-user industries have started to shift their manufacturing facilities outside Europe to developing countries such as China and India, where less strict environmental regulations are in place.

For the end-users, the global vacuum pumps market is mainly including transformer, metallurgy, freeze, power, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and semiconductors. Chemical processing industry, followed by semiconductors remains the largest customers of vacuum pumps globally. However, the semiconductor industry proved the largest growth among all end-users. Due to the more high consumption of smart phones and tablets , the global semiconductor industry is showing double digit growth and consequently, driving the growth of vacuum pumps market. Increasing investment in oil and gas industry is also boosting the demand for vacuum pumps, oil diffusion vacuum pump ,mainly in North America. Emerging markets such as LED lighting are generating strong growth opportunity for the global vacuum pumps market.

Some leading company in the vacuum pump market include Gardner Denver, Inc. –., Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., LTD,Oerlikon Corporate Switzerland, Edwards Group Ltd.- Atlas Copco, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, Graham Corporation, Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.,  KKR, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmBH, ULVAC, Inc,Gebr. Becker GmBH, Gast Manufacturing, Inc. – IDEX Corporation, Dr. – Ing. K. Busch GmBH, KNF Neuberger GmBH, Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Ebara Corporation, Sterling SIHI GmbH, Cutes Corp., Samson Pump A/S, PPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd., Vooner FloGard Corporation, and Kashiyama Industries, Ltd. and so on

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