liquid ring vacuum pump use and maintenance

First, the device unit

1, the vacuum pump means:
Vacuum pumps and compressors when the device, the device surface level is necessary, and after the corner bolt hole strong unit. To prevent debris from entering the vacuum pump when the device, when the device should be in the intake pipe on the filter means.

2, gas and water leave the device
Gas and water parting device can be directly on the vacuum pump exhaust port, and bolted strong. Gas and water parting has a pipeline connected to the pump, which supplies water demand pump, other working water supply from water pipes, water supply pipeline valve size is determined by conditioning.
A check valve should be equipped with a vacuum pump or the intake pipe tightening machine, so that when the parking, to avoid the system returns the water under pressure or vacuum inside the tightening machine in terms of the exhaust pipe.

Second, start and stop

1, the start
Long-term parking pump Before starting, you must hand turn a few laps to prove that is not stuck in the vacuum pump or other damage to the phenomenon.
(1) open the exhaust pipe valve.
(2) to start the motor (motor reversing should be noted)
(3) gradually increase the amount of water supply, water supply fit to rule until the request, (be careful not to dry running vacuum pump).

2, parking
Parking in the following sequence:
(1) (if there is a valve into the trachea) Close the valve on the pipe.
(2) Turn off the water supply pipe 2, and quickly shut down the vacuum pump
(3) after stopping the vacuum pump chamber should let the water out, so as not to start again, it will form the blade and shaft fracture.


Third, the maintenance

1, in order to prevent wear of the impeller, the vacuuum pump impeller or jammed, with the gas and working fluid into the vacuum pump chamber of the dust particles may pass through the pump at the bottom of the mouth rinse to flush out.
2, if using hard water as the working fluid, subject to soften, or within a certain period with a cleaning solution pump.
3, the bearing of the motor working temperature higher than normal around 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃, the maximum allowed to exceed 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, bearing a working oil 1-2 times per year should be installed, bearing at least once a year to clean and smooth oil all change.
4, mechanical seal, showing a leak phenomenon, should check the mechanical seal dynamic and static ring could have been damaged or have deteriorated seals, as presented above conditions change required new parts.the steps are very important for liquid ring vacuum pumpuse in daily life.

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