The advantages of the oil diffusion vacuum pump

1, to improve the general structure of the oil diffusion pump, such as reducing oil steam reflux, distillation device, plus a reasonable distribution of heating power, improving the nozzle Angle design, to block oil cap, mask, or cold trap, trap adsorption, etc., can make the oil diffusion pump performance is greatly improved, can reach lower limit vacuum pressure;
2, simple maintenance;
3, low cost;
4, not easily out of order;
The disadvantage of diffusion pump:
1, the diffusion pump need cooling water, switch machine must wait;
2, easy to cause sample room pollution;
3, if the backing pump pressure higher than the maximum pressure, produced by the diffusion pump can’t work normally.

The oil diffusion pump than turbo molecular vacuum pump in the switch machine which can take more ten minutes time, need water cooling system, but in terms of available vacuum, but an order of magnitude higher.Understand the advantages and disadvantages of a product, for more reasonable use of this product has the effect of get twice the result with half the effort, diffusion pump has its advantages, but at the same time it also exist shortcomings, but if you can continuously improve its shortcomings, to optimize its advantages, to further improve the for the product has the inestimable effect.It also should be a direction of the diffusion pump in future research, professionals should pay more attention to the research.

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