Some experience in the use of liquid ring vacuum pump overview

Application time not less liquid ring vacuum pump, and from the performance of the product applied to the range, both for the overall enhancement, in order to make the application performance of the water ring vacuum pump is more extensive, many users are in the course of long-term continuous use were product feedback, in this regard to improve the quality of water ring pumps is has a very big role, because the class some of the pitfalls of the problem, only in use in order to truly be reflected, to better ensure the use of the entire equipment from different the application process to analyze, it is helpful product growth.

In order to make the liquid ring vacuum pump to get better in the course of play, from performance and other aspects of the product can be reflected in a higher usability of the product, some knowledge of the experience for the water pump and the like in use, the following to share with you a bit, hoping to help the user in use. When using water ring pumps should pay close attention to each interface device tightness, timely identify whether their sound equipment properly, for some piping connections must also be checked daily to prevent unstable operation of equipment leaks caused.

And when using the liquid ring vacuum pump, it should control its water, vacuum oil is within range, you should make a record, to ensure that equipment is working properly during work, in order to promote the application of the effect of the entire device.

When the operating points of the water ring vacuum pump operation, we must continue to maintain the water-filled pump liquid seal, but also play a role in cooling, but the degree of vacuum pumps that can be caused by limited water pump temperature.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps can extract the gas is not in direct contact with the casing, and therefore in the long impeller when pumping corrosive gas corrosion-resistant materials can be. The injection pump liquid must not react chemically with the gas off. For example, when the suction air can be washed with water, concentrated sulfuric acid can be used when pumping nitrogen. Note also that the liquid should not contain solid particles, or else make the impeller and the casing is often affected by wear and reduced pumping capacity.

Single-stage steam ejector vacuum pump to obtain only about 90%, 95% or more if you want to get a vacuum, using a few steam ejector can be used in series, can be obtained a greater degree of vacuum,if you want to know more about some experience in ther use of liquid ring vacuum pump, please call us or email us immedicately.

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