Dry scroll vacuum pump technology status and development trend

1. Introduction

Scroll oil-free vacuum pump concept is quite old, early 20th century have patented vortex technology in the world. However, due to technical limitations at that time, oil-free scroll vacuum pump bodies manufactured out, scroll concept will be forgotten. 1973 scroll mechanism being rethought and created the first model agency, the practical application of this technology makes it possible. High reliability vortex bodies, smooth running, low noise, energy saving potential and immediately attracted the attention of the great advantages of the urgent needs and refrigerator industry, greatly favored by the industry leader, was quickly put into industrial applications. Trance, Hitachi, Copland’s waiting name scroll compressor technology and products in the world bow collar vortex technology practical wave, led such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and many other sectors of technological progress and product upgrading.

Today scroll compressor technology has been in use by the industry to promote the early to pump manufacturing, realized no oil pump, run more smoothly, lower noise, more energy-saving scroll vacuum cleaner to get practical technologies. People apply concepts and principles to create a vortex on the application of vacuum equipment and no environmental pollution, and the pumping speed, longevity, energy consumption and other indicators are better than ordinary pump single-stage, two-stage oil-free scroll vacuum pump series.

Early 90s of last century, the world’s first dry scroll vacuum pump into the market, which began Scroll technology as a new application of vacuum technology is in the world. So far, the world’s scroll vacuum pump manufacturer concentrated in the United States, Japan and Europe, Japan’s Anest1wata, the United States Varian, Germany, represented by Bush. Products include self 0.25L / S-1OL / S Series products, some 15L / S or greater amount of exhaust products are also testing stage.

2, scroll oil-free vacuum pump (oil free vacuum pump) characteristics and application areas

The vacuum cleaner has been the pursuit of the ideal vacuum scientists and business environment. Able to create a vacuum environment since the beginning, people have tried to use different means to achieve the effect of a vacuum cleaner. Today, vacuum cleaning device has been developed to obtain the condensate pump, pump column tournament, claw pumps, vortex pumps and diaphragm pumps and other products. In the existing oil-free vacuum pump which, scroll oil-free vacuum pump and other types of oil-free vacuum pump compared with the smooth running, low noise, energy saving, light weight, small size and characteristics and has been widely applied to the following research and production areas: ① the semiconductor industry – film preparation equipment, semiconductor device packaging equipment; ② vacuum metallurgical industry – vacuum furnace, nanomaterials preparation equipment, vacuum testing equipment; ③ scientific instruments industry – synchrotron radiation beam lines, electron microscopy, analytical instruments; ④ medical Devices – dental equipment, dialysis machines; ⑤ biologics industry – material purified preparation of medicines; ⑥ packaging industry – food, drugs, biological products, and other packaging equipment.

3, dry vacuum pump works, technical indicators, and compared with the ordinary pump

Oil-free scroll vacuum pump is a scroll with a flat end in contact with one or several involute spiral disc forming a vortex-type structure. A fixed scroll and a movable scroll composed of a pair of scroll constituting the scroll paid substantially oil-free vacuum pumping mechanism. For example, in two-stage oil-free scroll vacuum pump, there are two directions corresponding to the fixed scroll, an orbiting scroll plate located between the two scrolls. Oil-free vacuum pump movable, relative movement of the fixed scroll forming a volume changing crescent vacuum chamber suction gas from the exhaust port, the exhaust port is discharged, to complete the exhaust cycle.

4,With the development of science and technology, the development of the oil free pump will be better and better.

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