The role of vacuum pump in the vacuum system

Due to a variety of vacuum pump performance will satisfy to vacuum containers in addition to have in common, it also has the differenent place .So must clear when choose vacuum pump in the vacuum system to work is very important, vacuum pumps in various work areas the role of the sum up basically has the following several aspects.

1,main pump in the system
The so-called primary pump is on the vacuum system is pumped vacuum container directly, for meet the technological requirements required vacuum degree of vacuum pump.

2, rough pumping
Thick smoke pump from atmospheric pressure began to reduce the pressure vacuum system to another vacuum extraction system can begin to work.

3, backing pump
Backing pump is used to make another pump pressure at its highest permission level before the class under the pressure of vacuum pump.

4, maintain the pump
Maintain the pump is when the vacuum extraction system is very small, cannot use the main backing pump effectively.Therefore, in the vacuum system to match a small auxiliary extraction speed before the pump to maintain the normal work of the main pump or maintain has time of containers required for low pressure vacuum pump.

5, rough vacuum pump or low vacuum pump
Coarse, low vacuum pump is to point to start from the atmosphere, reducing the pressure of pump container after work in low vacuum or coarse vacuum pressure within the scope of the vacuum pump.

6, high vacuum pump
High vacuum pump refers to the vacuum pump works in high vacuum range.

7, ultra high vacuum pump
Ultra-high vacuum pump refers to the vacuum pump work in ultra high vacuum range.

8, booster pump
Booster pump usually refers to work between the low vacuum and high vacuum pump, to improve the extraction system in the middle pressure range of swept volume or reduce the backing pump suction rate requirement of vacuum pump.

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