How to correct use vacuum pump in the vacuum distillation industry

Vacuum pump is widely used in the process of industrial production,vacuum distillation is usually the common way will use vacuum pump  , it is very important to know how to choose the right and the use of vacuum pump, the so-called vacuum distillation is carried out under a reduced pressure distillation method, commonly used in separation under atmospheric pressure is easy to decompose when heated to boiling point substances, or with other distillation method (such as steam distillation) combined with lower distillation temperature and higher separation efficiency.


Used in chemical, organic metal compounds, separation and purifying of metal alkoxide, etc.The depth of the vacuum distillation is used in some varieties of special gas purification.Some of the compound of high boiling point.To make these compounds boiling, the best is to reduce compounds when boiling pressure rather than raise the temperature. when a lower pressure to compound the vapor pressure of the in a certain temperature, Chemical compound began to boil, distilling can start .This technique is called vacuum distillation, and in the form of vacuum carburetor in laboratory.The technology for under the atmospheric pressure boiling point than the decomposition temperature of the compound is useful, let these compounds under atmospheric pressure boiling try,It all can make its decomposition.


In the process of using vacuum pump should pay attention to:

1,In the vacuum distillation process, the vacuum degree required and  what is the pumping speed.
2, Whether the suction air with corrosive.
3, Whether the suction air is inflammable, explosive and dangerous.
4, Whether the suction air pipeline connection.
5, Whethe the suction air contain water vapor can non-condensable gas.


Mechanical vacuum pump working performance is good or bad, is affected by many factors, such as the structure shape, the machining accuracy, the performance of the mechanical pump oil, working environment, is pumped gas type and abrasion of parts, etc.Someone recently although in theory from the harmful space, air tightness and ultimate pressure of pump, extraction rate and life expectancy, etc after analysis,the rotary piston vacuum pump is the best choose for vacuum distillation,the second choice is vane pump , rotary vane vacuum pump is poorer, but has yet to provide powerful evidence.


Vacuum pump machine city at present, the general has can reach 10-3 ~ 5 * 5 * 10-4 mm about mercury, and high vacuum degree requirements, simply by a mechanical pump is fulfilled, also must use oil diffusion vacuum pump (when the vacuum degree required 10-6 ~ 10 – mercury into more than 7 mm, still need to add with other parts of vacuum) to continue to complete the mechanical pump can achieve vacuum degree.

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