Vacuum Package in Palm Oil

Southeast Asia is the third largest producer of palm oil, the largest producer of palm oil in Southeast Asia, they use EVP Vacuum package in their plant.

They use EVP vacuum pump(vacuum package) in the Oil refining application.

Since the medium include methanol gas, our engineer team give a solution as below :

Our vacuum package solution supply scope for this application is two stage liquid ring vacuum pump DLV800, ( capacity : 862 m3/h, motor :8-30kw, DIIBT4 Ex-proof from Siemens), material is Stainless steel SS316L. Together with separator SS316L, exchanger from Alfalava, and vacuum gauge from Rosemount ) And all vacuum gauge, pipeline, valves are SS316 material.

DLV two stage liquid ring vacuum pump is wider range of suction pressure. Compared to other double stage pumps (suction pressure 50mbar- 150mbarA), DLV pump works in 25mbar~ 1013mbar pressure, with less energy consumption (15%- 20%) lower power than traditional ones.

So, EVP DLV close cycle system(vacuum package) is very well used in palm oil plant.

Keywords: palm oil vacuum pump/vacuum package/ water ring vacuum pump/ close cycle liquid system

Edited by: Annie Hou / Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd

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