water ring vacuum pumps used in oil refining and ethylene industries

Water ring vacuum pump used in oil refining applications

Petroleum processing:
Crude oil stabilization
Crude oil vacuum fractionation
Exhaust gas compression
The water vapor recovery / gas supercharging
Flare gas recovery
Filtration /dewaxing
Pressure swing adsorption hydrogen

Water ring vacuum pumps and compressors in oil refining applications

Water ring vacuum compressors used in below process:
1. Atmospheric pressure, negative pressure, catalytic, cracking, coking tail gas transportation;
2. Flare gas recovery from each section

Water ring vacuum pumps used in below process:
1. Solvent dewaxing
2. Vacuum distillation in negative pressure: steam ejector + 2BE3 series water ring vacuum pump
3. Pressure swing adsorption hydrogen process adopt 2BE3 series liquid ring vacuum pumps



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