How to choose vacuum pump in electronic industry

Obtain the vacuum is happened  with the help of vacuum pump,Different types of vacuum pump will have certain working conditions and  working scope, when choosing a vacuum pump, should fully consider its features and specifications, and starting from the design system by the following four conditions, the effect of vacuum pump is pumping gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the gas pressure of vacuum chamber, make it meet the requirements of vacuum degree.Generally speaking from the atmosphere to the extremely high vacuum has a large range, so far has not been a vacuum system can cover the scope.Therefore, in order to reach the technical index of different products, the efficiency and the working life of the equipment requirements, different vacuum sections need to choose a different vacuum system configuration.

(1)The volume of the vacuum container (including line) and productivity requirements.Check to make sure the time required to meet the requirements of vacuum, vacuum pipe flow resistance and leakage.
Consider meet the requirements after vacuum needs in the conditions of process requirement, to maintain the vacuum extraction rate.

(2)The vacuum degree required.You must check to make sure the vacuum degree of each technical requirement.Because each kind of technology has its adaptive scope of vacuum degree, must be determined carefully study.

(3) pull gas species.Check to make sure the process requirement types and swept volume of extraction.Because if the smoke gas species react with liquid in the pump, pump system will be contaminated.At the same time must consider the exhaust time and determine appropriate extraction process of gas volume.

(4)During the working process the exhaust volume and air leakage of the artifacts and system.

In electronic industry in our country at present, the commonly used the basic types of vacuum pump is mainly mechanical pump and the oil diffusion pump (sometimes plus condensate trap).Now is only the two types of vacuum pump selection problem description (metal) are as follows.

Mechanical vacuum pump working principle is to use the rotor, the mechanical pump working space periodic compression and expansion, and vent gas from the container (via the catheter into the mechanical pump).

According to the structure characteristics can be divided into mechanical pump rotary vane vacuum pumps water ring vacuum pump, rotary piston vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, diffusion pump, etc.In electronic industry in our country at present, the application more rotary vane vacuum pump.Rotary vane pump can pump in addition to dry gas in the sealed container, if have spirit town device, can also take in addition to a certain amount of non-condensable gas.But it is not suitable for containing too much oxygen, metal corrosive, the pump oil will react and gas containing dust particles.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the most basic vacuum to obtain equipment in vacuum technology.The small and medium-sized pump rotary vane pump.Rotary vane pump is single stage and double stage two.A two stage, is two single pump in structure.More commonly made of two stage, in order to obtain higher vacuum degree.

What are vacuum pump application in the electric power industry: condenser vacuum, vacuum suction, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash conveying, turbine seal exhaust pipe, vacuum exhaust, hot gas discharge.

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