EVP liquid ring vacuum pump classification

Shanghai EVP vacuum produce kinds of liquid ring vacuum pumps. In the following we classify liquid ring vacuum pumps.

1, single-stage single-acting liquid ring vacuum pump:
Single-stage single-acting liquid ring vacuum pump, means that only a single-stage impeller, single action refers per rotation of the impeller, suction, exhaust once each. Such a high ultimate vacuum pump, but lower pumping speed and efficiency.

2, single-stage double-acting water ring vacuum pump:
Single-stage double-acting water ring vacuum pumps, single stage means that only one wheel, dual effect refers per rotation of the impeller, suction, exhaust all secondary. Under the same conditions of pumping speed, double-acting water ring vacuum pumps greatly reduce the size and weight than a single action. Since the pump working chamber are symmetrically distributed at both sides of the hub, to improve the load acting on the rotor. Such a large pumping speed, efficiency is high, but lower ultimate vacuum.

3, two-stage water ring vacuum pump:
Dual-stage water ring vacuum pumps are mostly single action series. Essentially two single-stage single-acting water pump impeller ring mandrel share a connection is made. Its main features are at high vacuum, still has a large pumping speed, and working conditions have stabilized.

4, atmospheric water ring vacuum pump:
Atmospheric water ring vacuum pump is actually a series of atmospheric water ring pump injector units. In front of a large water pump series vacuum pump is to increase the limit, expand use of the pump.

Our product 2BE1 Series is  a single-stage and single-acting liquid ring vacuum pump.


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