The future development trend of the vacuum system

Vacuum pump system used in the material can be divided into structural and auxiliary materials. The former is the main material of the vacuum system. It spaced vacuum and atmosphere. Withstand the atmospheric pressure is usually metal and / or glass. The latter refers to the elastic sealing material, insulating material, a metal sealing material. Adsorbent (for absorption, block oil and inhale physical, physico-chemical and chemical sorbents) and vacuum grease materials (oil pump, vacuum grease, mud vacuum, vacuum wax, vacuum coatings, vacuum sealant), etc. and so on.


Scientific and technological development, especially the rapid development of computers, microelectronics, biotechnology, materials science, surface science, space and marine engineering and other fields of vacuum science have become increasingly demanding.

For example, in the development of nanoscale electronic materials and components, not only require a vacuum system to achieve ultra-high vacuum and vacuum atmosphere clean and free of oil. But to corrosion and dust.


To this end, manufactured all kinds of dry pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, the further development of magnetic levitation type turbo molecular vacuum pump and replace the metal rotor ceramic rotor to avoid due to the strong magnetic field and the plasma generated by eddy current heating of the new turbo-molecular pumps and other vacuum equipment, is very necessary.


Measurements in a vacuum, China and foreign countries also there is a big gap, mainly in the use of the structure of the vacuum regulation, electronic circuit design, integrated circuits and automatic transmission and digital display and other new technologies, and high vacuum measurement and special conditions of vacuum measurement. Promote our vacuum measurement instrument technology to a multi-use, automated and small size, the United States and other aspects of development, is a daunting task.


Continues to develop the strength of the vacuum system product advantages in the development process, in conjunction with the use of its overall strength, increase their overall strength and capacity, driven by quality and reliable performance depending on the process of development, we should take more advantage of the properties of strength to protect the overall strength of the device to play, giving him the ability to drive continuous improvement of the quality of the process, with reliable quality and reliable performance to reflect the strength to play product, increase the strength of their applications continue to push in order to achieve the overall product the use of strength.


In promoting the overall development of the vacuum equipment vacuum system strength and capacity, to the combined effect of all aspects of the application of its products, accelerate the upgrade of its overall ability to use, high-quality performance advantage to increase the strength of the effective development of their applications, in which fully reflects the product ability to use the whole process led to an efficient quality strength, boost the overall performance advantage to accelerate their development of force. Under the premise of enhancing the strength of its product development advantages, increasing the ability to play against the whole application, and thus higher quality performance advantages, which fully reflects the strength of pioneering performance products.


Combined with vacuum system and improve the quality of strength, the strength of high-quality play effectively promote their overall proficiency, through the overall performance effectively play, increase the practical basis for the development of all aspects, thereby increasing the various aspects of the application of the strength of the push.

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