How to do when the liquid ring vacuum pu​mp corrosion in the chemical industry

How to do when the liquid ring vacuum pump corrosion in the chemical industry

Vacuum device used in the chemical industry are often subject to corrosion, which gives the liquid ring vacuum pump to bring a lot of problems, corrosion resistance of the pump will bring damage, serious can not be produced, slightly up on the exhaust volume less than requirements, how to improve the situation?
General corrosion can increase the processing in the corroded layer member liquid ring vacuum pump, through the coating, so that the important parts of the pump body and the impeller shaft from damage, of course, when using the coating material should be selected according to the pump suitable coating, after this treatment, pumps used in the production process greatly improved earnings significantly, the service life of the pump is greatly extended.

Another way is to install the pipeline inlet liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum tank to prevent corrosion liquid into the pump body, if the addition of this protective equipment, even if the liquid into the pipe, it will not penetrate the two stage liquid ring vacuum pump or singe stage water ring vacuum pump, so this is a simple the method is easy to operate. If you have special needs, can also provide improved technology and equipment manufacturers to make aspects of the production process for their selection is more reliable, more secure production equipment.

For more corrosive gas or liquid, the best solution is to choose the corrosion resistance of the material pump. However, the current general domestic products are iron and steel manufacturing. In this case, when confronted with transport corrosive gas or liquid, can be used in one of two ways:

1. The use of the vacuum tank approach

Vacuum tank called the separation tank, buffer tank and so on. Mainly used in pumping corrosive liquids. To avoid the liquid into the pump, can be imported in the aisle in front of the vacuum tube stool set a vacuum tank to flow into the tank when the liquid flows through the pipeline to warrant into the pump inside.

2. The use of anti-corrosion layer package approach

In the portion of the shaft and the impeller corrosion, etc., with an epoxy resin and glass fiber after dressing, coated with an epoxy resin and glass fiber. Such painted three, let it dry naturally for 2-3 days, and then pass into the drying furnace steam pipe. Starting from 40 ℃, every two hours the temperature rise 20 ℃, 120 ℃ after drying has been released, so called anti-corrosion materials made of glass, steel, and by drawing on fiberglass wrapped shaft and impeller machining.

Take such preservative treatment, received great results. For example, some plants impeller transport corrosive liquids, with only 20 days to be corrosion can not be used after the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, available in more than a year at least. Swiss steel resistant glass but not nitric acid and concentrated acid (70% concentration) of corrosion, which need to be improved.

Of course, able to do so, we can advance and water ring vacuum pump manufacturers consultation note from under seal and coating materials.
Use mechanical or lip seal to protect the pump from dust intrusion, clean air and nitrogen (optional), no accidents.

Standard coating material for the pump housing and screw rotor coating Teflon internationally. Special Coatings: Teflon (PFA), nickel or chrome

The following are available: a special O-ring as Kalrez (perfluorinated rubber), Teflon. Special mechanical seals such as Hastelloy (USA Hastelloy), corrosion resistant high nickel cast iron.

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