Water ring vacuum pump cause fouling in paper making industry and effective solutions

With the development of the acidic paper making to neutral papermaking , papermaking water ring vacuum pump of scaling is every papermaking enterprises often encounter problems, both the south and the north , Many manufacturers in paper work practice for many years run into this problem and to solve it.From the beginning in the ninety s is to seek the solution, after arduous exploration, put forward, including water ring vacuum pump , a set of scale control solution of pulping and papermaking, welcome by the masses of customers.

Scale formation is a process, and it is not generated, as the scale object, its effect on paper machine are also gradually appear, so cannot treat STH lightly, want to perserve, scale control and prevention at the beginning, this will have long-term benefits.

1. The scaling reasons, we think:

– water quality impact.High ph value, high hardness.

– degree of papermaking white water closed, insolubles content high, fouling ion accumulation.

– use of packing.

– water temperature increases, the cooling system is not very good use.

– water circulation system is not regular cleaning and maintenance of it will increase the papermaking of fouling in water ring vacuum pump.

2. On the negative impact of the paper we found at the scene:

– severe lower vacuum and swept volume.

– motor current increases, resulting in increased power consumption.

– card axis, start the difficulties.

– pickling or artificial remove frequently, not only damage to the equipment, and damage the equipment accuracy and results in the decrease of vacuum cannot be formed or vacuum.

In fact, these problems are directly caused great adverse impact on production.

3. To scale to solve the most direct, the most effective measures:

– use scale precipitation control agent, not only can solve the problem of scale formation, and can save water and electricity, energy saving efficiency.Use your gain scale precipitation control agent, you can use the paper recycling water, prevent motor current increases at the same time.

– disposal of the circulating water cooling, try to reduce the temperature, strengthening the water sealed at the same time, reduce the loss of liquid.

Separator – good control of the liquid level, ensure that the liquid ring vacuum pump can draw out gas, rather than a lot of water, so that we can reduce the load and the temperature of pump body.

– do not use strong acid water ring vacuum pumps, such not only can damage equipment, and serious to speed up the scale formation.This is an irresponsible way.

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