The characteristics and use scope of water ring vacuum pump in our company

2 BE series water ring vacuum pump features and uses:

2 BE series liquidr ring vacuum pumps and compressors , which is combined with foreign advanced technology, research and development of high efficiency and energy saving products.This series of vacuum pump is single stage single function structure form, it has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, and can adapt to bad working conditions such as large displacement, impact load fluctuations.Relative to the SK, SZ series water ring vacuum pump the ideal alternative products.Unique overhead type gas water separator to save space, and effectively reduce the noise.

Is mainly used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, electric, coal washing and dressing of chemical fertilizer and other industries, are mainly used for pumping not containing solid particles, insoluble in water, no corrosive gas.

2 BV series water ring vacuum pump features and uses:

2 BV series water ring vacuum pump suitable for pumping gas and water vapor, water pressure can reach 33 mmbar pabs vacuum pump (97%).When the transformer oil as working fluid (called the oil ring vacuum pump), inspiratory pressure can reach 6.7 mbar pabs vacuum pump (99.3%), can completely replace the reciprocating vacuum pump.When the vacuum pump in vacuum suction pressure limits the long-term work, should join cavitation protection tube, the protection to the pump.As the compressor, the most pressure to 0.26 MPa (pabs).2 bv series water ring vacuum pump as a new generation of energy-saving products, its excellent performance and many advantages will be fully replaced with the performance of the SK, 2 SK, W, WY, WL series water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump.

2 BV series  liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor is mainly used for pumping explosive gas, and work in all kinds of inflammable, explosive environment.

Main features:

1, the machine pumps coaxial straight design, saving space, easy to install;

2, USES the high quality mechanical seal as standard, no leakage, free maintenance;

3, all adopt the high quality motor and protection class.

4, smooth operation, noise can be as low as 62 decibels.

5, design of uniform corrosion, tin bronze impeller to improve the corrosion resistance of the pump, such as stainless steel material can be used with more demanding applications;

6, the unique design of flexible vent will not produce compression, ensures that the 2 bv series vacuum pump efficiency best within the scope of its performance.

SK single stage water ring pump characteristics and uses

Mainly used for pumping corrosive air and the other to a certain extent, insoluble in water, allow gas containing a small amount of dust.Widely used in food, textile, medicine, chemical and other industries of vacuum evaporation, concentration, feeding, dehydration, drying process etc.This series of pump has a compact structure, reliable use, convenient installation and easy maintenance, etc.

SK double stage water ring vacuum pump characteristics and purposes

2 SK water ring vacuum pump, widely used in chemical machinery, light industry, medicine, food and other industrial used for sucking air or other insoluble in water, not containing solid particles, non-corrosive gas, in order to form a certain vacuum degree in a closed system.Often used in vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum drying, vacuum filter, vacuum feed process, etc.This series of pump has a compact structure, reliable use, convenient installation and easy maintenance, etc.

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