The application of the rotary vane vacuum pump of vacuum suction cups

The definition of vacuum suction cups

Vacuum suction cup, also known as vacuum spreader, is one of the vacuum equipment actuators. In general speaking , the use of vacuum suction cup grab products is one of the cheapest method.Vacuum suction cup is varied which include vacuum pump equipment,rubber suction cups can be operated at high temperature, silicone rubber material suction cup is very suitable for to catch the rough surface of products; polyurethane chuck material is very durable.

In addition, in the actual production, if the suction cup has the requirement  of oil resistance, can consider to use polyurethane, nitrile rubber, or vinyl polymer materials to create suction cups.Usually, in order to avoid products surface scratches, best choice is the nitrile rubber or silicone rubber material with a corrugated pipe material is made of nitrile rubber) chuck chuck, has great pull force, and therefore is widely applied in all kinds of vacuum holding equipment.

The working principle of vacuum suction cups

Vacuum suction cup object sucked up by negative pressure produced by the reaction how much weight can suck on objects depends on the area of the suction cups, and the number of suction cups.If you select the vacuum pump power is too small, the pressure inside the suction cup is not enough objects can’t be sucked up, if the vacuum pump power, the sucker number and area of certain circumstances, does not improve the suction capacity of sucker.So be sure to choose suitable vacuum pumps and suction cups.

We know that chuck in the process of work and atmospheric connected, if choose 2 x-A series oil rotary-vane vacuum pump as chuck supporting facilities, and atmospheric connected for A long time can lead to A phenomenon of rotary-vane vacuum pump oil, affect the use.The best product or SV rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump can work long hours under atmospheric pressure condition, is a vacuum, a good partner.

Vacuum suction cup with vacuum pump has a larger degree of vacuum, vacuum holding chuck is widely applied in all kinds of devices, such as in the building, papermaking industry, printing and glass industries, instead of manual handling such as glass, paper thin and light items of tasks.For selecting the appropriate vacuum pump has been bothering you,

General rotary vane vacuum pump when used in used in vacuum, because is unicom atmospheric pressure using vacuum suction cup, so there will be a vacuum pump oil smoke give rise to the damage of the vacuum pump stuck phenomenon, even empty trip, relative rotary vane vacuum pump liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum vacuum degree is low, and need another circulating water cooling circulation, more tedious, so vacuum suction cups with what kind of vacuum pump is better?Vacuum suction cup with vacuum pump with the SV type vacuum pump effect is very good, the vacuum pump is not afraid of suction air, there will be no oil and smoke fault, and the vacuum degree is higher, is the most appropriate vacuum, vacuum pump products.

SV rotary vane vacuum pump suction mouth with coarse filter wire mesh.To prevent solid foreign dust suction pump cavity.Are installed in the oil separator efficient separation efficiency of oil and gas exhaust transition device.When the pump is stopped, the suction valve built into suction mouth pump and pump system isolation, and prevent oil on being back into the system.By air cooling pump.SV rotary-vane vacuum pump are all pump driven by direct connects motor through flexible coupling.

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