The roots vacuum pump is becoming more and more widely used

Roots vacuum pump belongs to the mechanical and electrical products of high efficiency and energy saving, in various sectors of the national economy is becoming more and more widely used, because of a series of incomparable advantages, roots vacuum pump will still have very strong competition ability in the future.Vacuum in the roots vacuum pump is one of the biggest are a, its application range is largely in the vacuum area, the vacuum roots vacuum pump unit can be combined with a variety of backing pump into use, usually can get an order of magnitude lower than the pump before the match of extreme pressure and get more excellent pumping speed curve, and meet all kinds of system requirements.


Medium vacuum roots vacuum pump can make up mechanical oil seal vacuum pump and the oil diffusion pump in faults within the scope of the medium vacuum , the vacuum roots vacuum pump within the scope of the pressure of 1 ~ 1000 Pa has high and stable, the extraction efficiency of oil seal mechanical pump in less than 10 Pa when actual pumping speed drop is very serious, less than 1/10 of the maximum pumping speed, and within the scope of the pressure oil diffusion pump is not working, the use of vacuum roots vacuum pump can significantly improve the performance of oil diffusion pump system.

Also in vacuum roots vacuum pump can also be used to reduce a large number of vacuum suction device, for example, in this case the roots vacuum pump air device using the same pumping speed than mechanical pump oil seal type economy, is the most obvious superiority in between the inline air roots vacuum pump except possesses the advantages of the roots vacuum pump vacuum, within the scope of the coarse vacuum also has excellent performance, considering in the design phase has enough mechanical strength, equipped with the appropriate motor shell and tube condenser, straight row of atmospheric roots vacuum pump can work in very high differential pressure under continuous without pump temperature too high or the rotor stuck phenomenon, can start work when the system pressure to atmospheric pressure, which is pumped container or can be drained space vacuum degree within the shortest possible time to work.

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