The third generation of Roots vacuum pump

Our company  introduced the third generation of Roots vacuum pump

ZJP – GK series roots vacuum pump performance indicators:
Puming speed :ZJP-150GK/300/600/1200

Ultimate pressure (Pa. The partial pressure):(former level  for the single-stage rotary piston pump)

Motor power (kW):2.2 / 4 / 7.5 / 11

Motor synchronous speed (rpm):3000

Max.permissible Diff.pressure :5×103

1, South Korea technology roots pump;

2, the pump is connected with a short frame structure, connecting frame and cover cast together, compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance;

3, low noise, little vibration, smooth operation;

4, left and right side cover and pump combined surface using “O” ring seal, reliable sealing performance, easier disassembly

5, in order to protect the shaft wear sleeve structure adopted, and in its outer plated ceramic, enchanced wear and extend the service life;

6, the gear shaft fixed form, using up sleeve structure, easy maintenance and overhaul; Use reliable;

7, The pump without cooling water cooling;

8, The pump’s ultimate vacuum is much higher than national standards, ultimate vacuum enter negative 2;

9, and the vertical rotary piston pump directly connected to the unit has a small footprint, the combination of simple, small vibration, high ultimate vacuum advantage.

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