importance of using standard vacuum pump oil

importance of using standard vacuum pump oil

1) Vacuum pump special oil has a certain viscosity

The viscosity of oil determines its sealing performance. Watery oil would result to bad sealing performance; while if oil with high viscosity, it would increase friction between pump blade and cylinder,resulting to bad lucbrication. whilst it increase the resistance for rotor rotation,hence motor pressure hightened, and oil temperature increased, which would accelerate the oil’s emulsification degree. so obtained vacuum level is impacted directly.

2) more stable chemical properity for vacuum pump specified oil

The chemical properties is more stablef for vacuum pump oil. it contains little moisture, water soluble acid, insoluble alkali and other impurities. with vacuum pump specified oil, oil neednot to be replaced frequently and chamber’s cleanliness is higher.

3) Vacuum pump specified oil has low saturated vapor pressure and small volume of easy volitilized lutetium.

Ordinary machine is easy volatilized,non-vacuum pump specified oil will lead to frequently oil replacing in operation.

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