2BE series water ring vacuum pump features

1,2BE series water ring vacuum pump this series of pump is single stage single function structure form, it has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving. Relative to the current domestic use of SK, 2 SK, SZ series water ring vacuum pump with high vacuum degree, low power consumption, reliable running etc, SK, 2 SK, SZ series water ring vacuum pump the ideal alternative products.


2, 2BE series liquid ring vacuum pump features are as follows:
Pulley (belt drive) using a standard high precision taper sleeve pulley, reliable operation, long belt life, convenient disassembly.

Coupling (direct drive) using a standard high-strength flexible couplings, stable and reliable, long service life.
Unique on the gas-water separator mounted to save space, and effectively reduce the noise.
Mechanical seals (optional) all use standard parts, fully guarantee 2BE series vacuum pump in the process of long running without leakage.


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