What is the standard for evaluating the performance of water ring vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump is widely used, simple structure, for to the disc type water ring pump, as long as the guarantee in the process of processing and assembling impeller with disc friction touch, can run smoothly. And no production license system, production and intervention are selected water ring pump companies in this industry, is relatively easy to enter. Especially after the reform and opening up, industrial rapid development over the past twenty or thirty years, large and small enterprise situational vacuum pump, which is a lot of families of small micro enterprise, a few friends to set up a unit or several colleagues, buy some accessories, you can assemble a water ring pump, sold in the market. The vacuum pump on the market the enterprise Lin Lin always, product quality is uneven, so if the evaluation of a water ring pump performance is good or bad? The test is very important.

At present domestic vacuum test of enterprise generally has the following several ways:

1, it is does not have the means testing. Because the water ring pump test must have water container or underground tank, or water containers. Pool volume often is great, otherwise it will affect the circulation water temperature, the pump was not accurate performance data. With a container of water can only be described with the test conditions, but also need to measure orifice gas pump, then there vibration analyzer, noise meter, big barometer, tachometer, vacuum gauges and other necessary instruments. At present, many manufacturers and even the pool, do not have the plates, the results can be imagined, these so-called company is at what stage. Is turn up with a car can turn to the factory.

2, with the test conditions, but only measuring ultimate vacuum. Because if measured gas, you need to install the orifice plate, into the water column height calculation and conversion, the process is relatively complex and requires a certain technical content and pay labor costs. As for the water ring vacuum pump, vacuum limit is basically a fixed value, only the affected environment, structure and circulating medium, the gap will affect the part of the vacuum degree, in approaching ultimate vacuum stage, great gas decay, leak serious, lack of precision problem but as long as increase the amount of water, the water seal to compensate for axial and radial assembly or processing result, we can say the assembly does not appear big problem, basically able to reach the theoretical limit vacuum value.

3, in addition to measuring the ultimate vacuum, but also measure the maximum volume, which is more formal enterprise factory testing. Compared to the former, this is a relatively qualified testing process, because the ultimate vacuum and maximum volume are two important indicators of water ring pump performance parameters, its measurement is understandable, I have been doing, but after after many project applications, we found that this test is still not enough. This article comes from Precision Pump Technology Department, without the consent of any person shall not be reproduced without permission, otherwise regarded as infringement. Precision water ring pumps is that the gap between the impeller and the flat disk, in theory, this gap is as small as possible, but in fact the cumulative tolerances and machining line position accuracy is limited, we must put some margin in this, if near the high vacuum pump is running, the gas will regurgitation from these gaps to the exhaust end, but the atmosphere in the straight draw when reflux phenomenon accounts for a small fraction of the proportion of the maximum volume, it is easy to ignore. This has resulted in the largest proportion of the gas impact is not obvious, but in the high vacuum stage gas attenuation serious situation.

4, in addition to measure the vacuum degree and volume, test standard of our company insist on – test under high vacuum suction quantity! Because: (1) the performance of the water ring pump, gas pumping ability is falling with the increase of vacuum degree, the speed of single pump drops significantly higher than bipolar pump, namely fast attenuation, and salient features and application conditions of bipolar pump is under high vacuum degree still keep high pumping speed. More and more industry is no longer just focus on what is the largest volume pump, or simply limit vacuum can achieve how many, but the real requirement of practical gas in a high vacuum point whether can meet the requirements, such as power plants or a vacuum distillation process require 2 be1-202 pump volume is 650 m after/h @ 10 kpa.alone can not get real results. If there alone pump assembly sale cottage business, just come to the market to buy a wheel assembly, manufacturing can not guarantee the accuracy, gap magnify pump can run smoothly, ultimate vacuum can be reached, the maximum volume difference of 10-15% then turn off even after detection, but also can not be applied absolutely demanding applications in the user environment. (2) Water ring vacuum pumps and compressors industry standard JB / T7255 clear requirements, single-stage water ring pumps 400hpa point, the gas can not be less than 90% of the maximum volume; the two stage water ring pumps 80hpa point, the gas can not be lower than the maximum 80% air content. (3) industry standard and associations to develop a single-stage water ring pumps energy efficiency standards are selected 400hpa this point as the efficiency rating, which is the efficiency or gas if high, then the maximum volume, as well as ultimate vacuum, certainly not low .

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