Vacuum Dryer Equipment bring to Market New Technologies and New Features

Dryer is a washing machine, usually after washing dehydration, used to remove clothing and other textiles in the water. Most dryer comprising a rotatable drum, the inner cylinder driven by a belt, around the drum with hot air to evaporate water. Drying tube and are based on the principle of reversing roller, to achieve the effect of drying is not wrapped items. Dryer screen printing process as an indispensable auxiliary equipment, gradually expanded the scope of the current significant characteristic dryer equipment serving chemical industry is the role of technical content significantly. The main competition in the past by the price advantage, the current transition to competition through product quality. Some drying equipment with high technical content, focused on the development of new manufacturers, benefit increasingly being contrary, some low-tech products, new products and new technology development of weak corporate sales decline.

Drying technology advances will reverse the current situation of domestic dryer equipment exports. At present, China currently exports drying equipment is not ideal, the total export volume of less than 5, and is mainly exported to Southeast Asia. With technology development, the next few years China’s exports dryer equipment proportion of total production will be some improvement, increased from 5 to 10, the export market will gradually expand, expand from Southeast Asia to Europe, the overall situation will get some degree of improvement. Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing and Commerce Group and US-kui company is about the latest developments in technology and the drying-Fi technology. Compared to conventional dryer, Maguire company VBD series vacuum dryer six times faster, saving batch drying 50-70.VBD sustainable materials, without changing the drying agent, there is no need to clean the filter.

In the United States Pennsylvania State University Erie campus innovation and emerging plastics technical conference (InnovationandEmergingPlasticsTechnologiesConference), participants learned about the history of the development of auxiliary equipment and future market trends. Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing and Commerce Group and US-kui company is about the latest developments in technology and the drying-Fi technology. B.PatrickSmith, vice president of marketing and sales company Maguire, said vacuum drying drying method represents a new generation. This is a major change, because the vacuum drying without drying the dew point to test the degree of pass. We are growing, the industry talk about the dew point before, but now it is different, he said, the dew point is often misinterpreted, it refers to air dry instead of drying plastic particles.

Compared to conventional dryer, Maguire company VBD series vacuum dryer six times faster, saving batch drying 50-70.VBD sustainable materials, without changing the drying agent, there is no need to clean the filter, Smith said. Heating the material from the hopper to the vacuum vessel, and then reach the retention hopper. Weighing sensors recorded material loss. VBD is Maguire company in 2000 launched a low pressure dryer (LPD) upgrade. Vacuum dryer reduces the boiling point of water. In the 90 full vacuum environment, water boils at 122 ℉; at sea level, water boils at 212 ℉; at Denver high altitude environment, water boils at 203 ℉ vacuum once formed, trapped in the resin particles. steam will immediately boil, because the internal pressure and external high pressure resin particles interact discharge of water, a process that is less than 15 minutes, Smith said. Whether vacuum drying materials will become the new standard in the industry? In this regard, Smith said: changing a culture takes time. Our industry, three generations of plastics processors have learned how to use the low dew point air drying polymer. Roller dryer greatly improve the cost and benefits, but the vacuum dryer design has matured, cost reduction, and superior technology will eventually win.

ChuckMorgan, Branch Training Manager is and give participants a history lesson. Closed-loop control, connect auxiliary equipment to presses, extruders and other technical equipment auxiliary equipment to play a bigger role in the work unit. For example, in blow molding and extrusion film, sheet continuous extrusion process, blenders and feeders and other auxiliary equipment to monitor the extruders, he said. Morgan said, through an open network connection, you can connect the production data to the iPad and smartphones, technology that we do not have to save their own use by a third party. Morgan tells the history of desiccant wheel dryer. Dryer through evolution towards automation. But only to improve the efficiency, become even more important, is still unable to cycle, such as the use of large containers dryer. He said, you can add a new level of compact desiccant wheel on the molding machine. PET dryer areas driving the development of closed-loop control. Branch is the development of the steel probe and sensor, which is placed in the drying hopper can be tested six different areas. Test data can help verify the accuracy of production. Before you make a substandard parts, we can predict. Morgan said. Meanwhile, Smith also said Maguire company DuPont for the first time using a vacuum pump dryer drying nylon in the late 1960s. GE Plastics Lexan polycarbonate inventor DanFox once said that the best way to vacuum drying water-absorbent polymer. Nonetheless, vacuum dryer remains unfulfilled widely used because on the one hand, the high price of the pump used, on the other hand, heavy pressure vessels not advanced enough, because there is no computer control, it is difficult to control the vacuum

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