How to select water ring vacuum pump&compressor system

As Supplement of pump and motor, we provide complete set of pump unit, such as 2BE series, 2BV series, 2SY series and 2SK series.

including separator, heat exchanger and connecting pipes, thus to reduce customer installation period. Water ot Chemical solvent is recycled

as operating liquid, this may reduce pollution to environment. the media pumped can be recycled if used as operating liquid.

We have 2 kinds standard water ring vacuum pump system&water ring compressor system: open cycle system and closed cycle system.

Customer can choose devices, accessories, instruments. control cabinet for the system according to their demands. Because liquid ring vacuum pump

and water ring compressor model are selected strictky with different working condition. So pls kindly send your exact information when you need liquid

ring vacuum pump or liquid ring compressor, then our service engineer will select suitable model and material to your working condition!


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