vacuum pump maintenance interval

Vacuum pump maintenance schedule

Vacuum pump maintenance  interval  is decided by its working environment.  below items is suggested to check at regular interval:

1. Daily maintenance items: Check the level and color of vacuum pump oil.
2. Weekly maintenance : Check if the vacuum pump is leaking, and the air filter is used to clean dust and debris.
3. Monthly maintenance items: Check the vacuum pump oil mist separator function, if necessary, please replace the oil mist separator.
4. Maintenance required for each 6 months: check the vacuum pump chamber is dusty, dirt, carbon deposition, if necessary, clean the vacuum pump pump chamber; vacuum pump fan cover, fan wheel, ventilation grille, cooling fins.
5. Every 500-2000 working hours need maintenance: replace the oil mist separator and vacuum oil, check the float valve and return pipe.
Before operating above, be sure to stop the vacuum pump and make sure it is locked.


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