Application of the Jet Pump Vacuum

Jet pump is widely used in transportation, mixing compressed gases and vapors, liquids and solids equipment, gas or liquid is often as a power medium. Jet pump for generating a vacuum is another very important application.

The main principle of power nozzle jet pump is ejected at high speed driving and accelerating liquid or gas surrounding the liquid  ring vacuum pump, gas or solid. This movement causes the driver and the driven mixing substances. Injection speed is reduced while the pressure is increased in the diffusion of the. Unlike conventional pumps, jet pump with no moving parts at work.

Jet pump can be a variety of materials, such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium, ceramic, glass, plastic and graphite, and can be made in various sizes. Pumping capacity from 1-2000000m3/h, when the suction pressure to 10-2mbar, size can be from a few centimeters to over 30 meters.

Because of the diversity of the jet pump, which has been widely used in various fields, such as chemical reactors, exhaust systems, water treatment equipment, mixing tanks, storage tanks, wastewater treatment equipment, heating systems, heating supply systems, power plants, pool, salmon plant water supply. And various industrial fields vacuum forming.

Water jet pump steam as motive medium to form a vacuum is an important field of application. Its conveying speed corresponds to the speed of sound of the injection times, the injection pump and therefore it is possible to easily handle large volumes of material in a vacuum.

Because only a single-stage jet pump overcomes the very limited compression ratio, when the suction pressure is low, the pump must be installed in series several injection. Suction pressure multi-stage steam jet vacuum pump can reach as low 0.01mbar. In order to condense most of the water vapor and under suction power level is reduced to a minimum amount, usually in the middle of the two jet pumps arranged a condenser. Depending on the application, the use of direct contact condenser or a surface condenser.

In the jet pump is mainly water vapor as motive medium. In most industries, water vapor as the basic energy is mass produced, so it is easy to obtain. In the condensation of water vapor pump in power, more or less will produce waste. Although the amount is small, and even the cost of wastewater discharged into account, steam jet pump is still the most economical vacuum pump, but always have a negative impact on the vacuum pump for injection.

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