Diffusion pump disassembly, cleaning and assembly

If the ultimate vacuum of the diffusion pump become bad or need to change the oil, the diffusion pump must be disassembled, cleaned and restarted assembly.

1, The disassembly of the diffusion pump

(1), From top to bottom to disassemble the pump core.

(2), Please keep cautious during the decomposition process, Don’t to damage parts or deformation.

(3), Please placed the parts on a safe and proper position.

2, The diffusion pump cleaning

(1), After disassemble the diffusion pump, the first step is drain out the old oil then wipe.

(2), Please use aviation gasoline or carbon tetrachloride to clear all the pump parts and pump exhaust pipe.

(3), Use 180 # water sandpaper to clear the carbon black of aluminum tower core surface until exposed the metal prime color. then use brush with gasoline to unoil, then washed with acetone.

(4), After cleaning the parts and pump cavity, please wipe them with white silk that dipped in ether or acetone.

(5), Then use the clean white silk to wipe again. To ensure no greasy dirt on them.

(6), Pleas put all the parts at 100-150 ℃ to drying 1 hours. (available electric oven or infrared line lights).

(7), Please wipe all the O-ring seal with silk that dipped in ethanol, then make them dry.

(8), Kindly reminder: Please make sure the pump inside no any cotton fiber in the cleaning process.

3, The assembly of the diffusion pump

(1), All the parts after cleaning and drying, Please assemble them in turn, if can’t assembled them immediately, Please put them on a clean and dry place.

(2), Please wear silk gloves to assemble pump. Don’t touch the parts with hand directly.

(3), Please noted that the pump core should be perpendicular to the pump bottom and at the pump center concentric, no obvious tilt.

(4), After assembly, please add new oil from inlet port. Then this vacuum system can be used.

(5), When connect with the vacuum system, all O-ring seal should be coated with a thin and uniformity vacuum grease (high vacuum degree location must be less coated or not coated).


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Edited by Jinny Zhang / EVP vacuum solution

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