Roots-liquid ring vacuum system in styrene monomer and polystyrene application

In styrene monomer and polystyrene plants are needed lots of vacuum systems generally, and some of the vacuum columns require vacuums of 10 mmHg A or better.

Steam jet ejector were the standard vacuum producers for such applications in the past. A major drawback to using steam has been the contamination of styrene and ethylbenzene with water vapor. One sucessful solution to the problem has been to use roots-liquid ring vacuum system which combined by the water ring vacuum pump and the roots booster vacuum pump.

The vacuum pumps may be sealed with styrene, ethylbenzene or a mixture of both. While eliminating a pollutant, the change to this type of hybrid vacuum system also saves energy.

tags:  Roots-Liquid ring Vacuum system

Edited by Catherine Qin / EVP Vacuum Solution


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